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Wrestling 2 the MAX Special: WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review & ROH to Destination America Talk

So, we have some big news, this is going to be more like a regular episode today, instead of just a W2M Special. We not only have a WWE Elimination Chamber Review, but talk in Quick Hits about the ROH to Destination America deal, but also have reviews of NXT, Lucha Underground, and TNA Impact.

We are doing this because we are moving to Thursdays starting this week. So, there will be no episode on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. W2M EP 146 will be on Thursday

Night/Friday Morning instead and from here on out, that's when the regular episodes will air. This Thursday will feature a review of RAW of course, plus the first ROH on Destination America, NXT, Lucha Underground, TNA Impact and more.

Sean is going to be doing another solo effort on NJPW BOTSJ Nights 5 through 8 on Monday Night/Tuesday Morning, for those wondering about that as well.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 145: WWE Elimination Chamber Preview, RAW, NJPW BOTSJ Night 3 & 4 Review & More

This week on W2M, We headline with an Elimination Chamber Network Special preview and talk New Japan BOTSJ Night 3 and 4 as well.

However, we start with Quick Hits discussing more on the TNA renewed/not renewed saga, Patron, Rey Mysterio, and Original Sin Cara win the Lucha World Cup, who made Samoa Joe, Total Divas moving timeslots, and a whole lot more.

After that we get into our review of RAW by storylines and then go straight into our preview of Elimination Chamber.

Next it is a visit

to California to review Lucha Underground, then we discuss ROH TV from last week and this week too.

Then to end things going around the world we break down the matches that happened at New Japan's BOTSJ Night 3 and 4. Plus don't forget those W2M Power Rankings.

We will be back on Sunday night with a W2M Special on the WWE Elimination Chamber Network Special.