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Console Wars Review (CBS All-Access, 2020) - Video Games 2 the MAX

On this special episode, Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison are joined by fellow gamer, streamer, and member of the Radulich in Broadcasting crew for a crossover TV Party Tonight. The trio gets together and discuss their gaming origins, whether they were a Nintendo or SEGA kid, and of course delve deep into the 1 hour and 30 minute CBS All-Access documentary based on the Blake J. Harris book entitled Console Wars.

They talk about the ups and downs of SEGA and Nintendo as they fought it out in the first video game battle and all the figureheads representing Nintendo of America and SEGA of America are there to talk about it. The guys discuss most of the major points and some of the things they found most interesting.

Plus, they also discuss what they are looking forward to with the upcoming continuing console wars between Nintendo, Sony's PlayStation 5, and Microsoft's Series X as we are nearly a month away from the two new consoles launching.


Gaming Origins and Nintendo or SEGA Kid (0:00)
Discussing the Documentary (17:50)
Looking Ahead to Next-Gen PS5 vs. Xbox Series X (1:12:30)

Microsoft Buys Bethesda, Spider-Man Controversy, Amazon Luna - Video Games 2 the MAX# 241

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss Sean’s adventure with Xbox Series X pre-orders (he did get one), and how this could be a much better process for everyone. the cost of Next-Gen SSD Drives and why it is really an overblown non-issue.

Also, Surprise! Microsoft bought Bethesda, which raises their amount of internal studios to 23 and leaves gamers everywhere stunned. The guys discuss what this means for Xbox as a brand, if Gamepass is now a must-have, some of the possibilities for future games, and of course, they weigh in on the actual exclusivity of the games. Is there a chance that games show up on the PlayStation 5 as well?

Plus, Amazon also announces a new game streaming platform called Amazon Luna. Could this finally be the one that hits it big without having to be tied to a console like X-Cloud? Or will it just be another Google Stadia instead?

Also, the duo talk about the Mass Effect Remaster, Final Fantasy XVI coming sooner than you think, a Yakuza movie, and wonder about the latest rumors on a new Nintendo direct.

Marc also has more to say about Hades and Mario 3D All-Stars, while Sean goes on a rant about WWE 2K Battlegrounds pointing out both the good and bad about the game.

Time Stamps:


Sean tells his story about pre-ordering an Xbox Series X and trying to pre-order a PlayStation 5 online through Gamestop (0:00)

Major Topics:

The heavy price of next-gen SSD’s (11:08)

Microsoft Buys Bethesda (16:25)

To Upgrade or Not Upgrade Spider-Man (35:35)


Final Fantasy XVI Coming Possibly in 2021 (42:55)
Nier Replicant Gets Western Release Date (48:18)
Mass Effect Remasters Coming at Some Point (50:30)
Among Us Getting More Content (54:57)
Amazon Luna is Announced (57:35)
SEGA may make a Yakuza movie (1:04:00)

Games We Are Playing:

Mario 3D All-Stars (1:10:20)
Hades (1:12:40)
WWE 2K Battlegrounds (1:14:00)

Fun Topic:

Discussing Some Nintendo Direct Rumors and Upcoming Games 1:28:00)

Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Hades, Jim Ryan Talks A lot - Video Games 2 the MAX # 240

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss more of the fallout of the PlayStation 5 showcase and preorder fiasco. Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan had a lot to say this week regarding a variety of topics. The guys discuss everything from lower spec consoles, PlayStation having a Gamepass type service, backwards compatibility for older generations, and more. There’s a lot of good conversation about the benefits of all of these things and why Sony may be right and not need any of it.

Plus, they breakdown the latest Nintendo Mini Partner Direct, Michel Ancel leaving video games to go work in wildlife and where this leaves Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Wild for Ubisoft, and the official end of the Nintendo 3DS.

Also, Marc gives initial thoughts on playing the first few hours of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. He’s also been playing quite a bit of Hades as well and he loves it. Although he doesn’t have much love for Project Cars 3. While Sean barely started on WWE 2K Battlegrounds.


Intro: Talking the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and more on PS5 Preorders (0:00)

Games We Are Playing:
Super Mario 3D All-Stars (4:55)

Will Nintendo have a TV only console ever again? (11:53)

Project Cars 3 (14:25)
Hades (18:18)
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (24:15)
WWE 2K Battlegrounds (26:30)

Major Topics:
Nintendo Mini Partner Showcase Discussion (32:25)

Jim Ryan talks quite a lot:

Did Sony purposely produce less no disc PS5’s on purpose to drive sales of the more expensive hardware? (38:18)

Could Sony benefit from a Gamepass type service? (46:58)

Is it true lower spec consoles like an Xbox Series S don’t sell well? (52:30)

Are you really going to use PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility? (1:05:05)

Quick Hit Headlines:
J. K. Rowling is not involved with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy (01:18:20)
Michel Ancel leaves Video Games (01:23:35)
Oculus Quest 2 Announced (01:28:13)

Mario 35th Anniversary, Tony Hawk Remakes, Captain Tsubasa - Video Games 2 the MAX # 238

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss G4’s open call for talent and what their focus for this version of the network could be. They also wonder if G4 would be an actual channel on television or more of an over the top type service. Could some of the old guard return? Or is this going to be an infusion of established talent and streamers and Youtubers.

After that, the duo switch gears into Nintendo’s Mario 35th anniversary direct. They discuss the controversy surrounding Mario 3D All-Stars, the new Toys to Life initiative of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury coming next year, and more.

Plus, Witcher 3 coming to next-gen consoles, Vlambeer shuts down, a Shenmue anime is announced too.

Both guys have also been playing some new games since the last show. Sean is enjoying Chapter 1 of Tell Me Why and Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. While Marc is riding around with Project Cars 3, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remakes, and Wasteland 3.

We also go off-topic a little bit to discuss WWE’s decision to not allow its wrestlers to use Twitch.


Opening Topic:

G4’s open call for talent and discussing what could be for the return of a gaming-centric channel

Major Topic:

Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct Discussion (17:20)

Games We Are Playing:

Tony Hawk 1 & 2 Remaster (33:25)
Project Cars 3 (38:10)
Wasteland 3 (41:35)
Tell Me Why Chapter 1 (46:50)
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (50:50)


Vlambeer shuts down (57:22)
Shenmue Anime coming to Crunchyroll and Toonami (58:55)
Lab Zero Games lays off the rest of its staff (1:01:00)
Norm Spencer passes away (1:05:30)


WWE saying no to wrestlers using Twitch (1:07:45-End)

Spiritfarer, Gotham Knights, Apple Versus Epic - Video Games 2 the MAX # 237

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the big fight between Apple and Epic Games. They go over what’s happened to this point, who’s in the right, and why Epic may have met more than their match in the legal realm.

343 Industries had to do their own fighting against rumors of further delays of Halo Infinite and possibly removing Xbox One support. The guys wonder if maybe that is what’s best for Microsoft’s major franchise.

There’s also talk on the two DC comics games, Gotham Knights from WB Montreal and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Lab Zero Games internal problems, SEGA wanting to port more of their games to PC, and more.

Plus, Marc talks Rogue Legacy 2 and Saints Row 3: Remastered. While Sean played Battletoads, Spiritfarer, and Darksiders: Genesis.

Games We Are Playing:

Saints Row 3: Remastered (4:40)
Rogue Legacy 2 (8:28)
Mega Man 11 (11:05)
Battletoads (11:32)
Darksiders: Genesis (13:45)
Spiritfarer (18:00)


Nintendo Partner Direct Discussion and the possibility of a new Nintendo Switch (22:00)
Apple Versus Epic Games (30:30)
Halo Infinite staying on Xbox One (42:20)
Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (49:25)
Facebook forcing integration on Oculus Quest in 2023 (55:55)
SEGA wants more ports to PC and other consoles and Yakuza: Like a Dragon (1:00:45)
Lab Zero Games employees leave the company (1:06:15)
Fall Guys becomes the most downloaded game on PS Plus ever (1:13:25)

Small Topic:

Netflix’s High Score Documentary General Thoughts

Halo Infinite Delayed & Fall Guys - Video Games 2 the MAX # 236

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the delay of HALO Infinite and what it means for the Xbox Series X launch in November. Does it make things even grimmer for Microsoft in going up against Sony and the PlayStation 5, or could this be the time for shine for their services like Xbox Gamepass and X-Cloud.

However, will Apple’s insistence on Consumer protection put a dent in those plans at least for IOS devices. Sean has a big problem with Apple’s statement of why they aren’t down with Microsoft’s services on IOS.

The duo also discusses some of the announcements at the most recent Sony State of Play and what they are excited for the most like The Pathless, Spelunky 2 and the Control expansion.

Plus, Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom, Dante will be in the Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Remaster, and Christopher Eccleston returning to Doctor Who in audio form.

Also, Marc talks about playing Fall Guys, Crysis Remastered on Switch and finishing Ghost of Tsushima as well.


Games We Are Playing:

Fall Guys (6:05)
Ghost of Tsushima (10:30)
Crysis Remastered (13:50)
Saints Row 3: Remastered (15:35)
Code Vein (16:20)


Halo Infinite Delayed (18:35)

What’s Left for Xbox Series X Launch, Series S Leak (22:20)

Microsoft Versus Apple Over X-Cloud and Gamepass on IOS (39:45)

Forza Horizon 3 Getting Delisted (44:30)

Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Delayed (46:50)

Dante in SMT 3 (48:00)

Quick Thoughts on Sony’s State of Play (50:00)

Suicide Squad Game Announcement (56:30)

Yoshinori Ono Leaves Capcom (58:35)

Christopher Eccleston Returns to Doctor Who (1:02:45)

Xbox Games Showcase Thoughts - Video Games 2 the MAX Special

It is Microsoft’s turn to show off some first-party games for the next generation. Did it live up to the hype? Sean Garmer and Randy Isbelle breakdown each of the 20+ games shown in the hour-long presentation.

Ubisoft Forward, Far Cry 6, Backwards Compatibility - Video Games 2 the MAX # 235

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the Ubisoft Forward event. They give thoughts on the gameplay reveals of Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and the announcement of Far Cry 6 starring Giancarlo Esposito. There’s also discussion on Ubisoft executives leaving due to the misconduct allegations and the revamp of Ubisoft’s naval combat game Skull & Bones too.

The guys also talk about the Devolver Digital Expo, EA UFC 4 announced, and the Sony patent that once again gives hope of possible PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 backwards compatibility.

Plus, Marc is playing Mr. Driller in Drill Land and Sean has finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected and now has moved on to Crosscode.


Games We Are Playing:

Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected (1:00)
Crosscode (2:40)
Mr. Driller in Drill Land (3:48)
Code Vein (5:55)

Main Topic: Ubisoft Forward (11:10)


Skull & Bones Revamped (29:15)
Ubisoft executives exit (34:18)
EA UFC 4 Announced (36:30)
Devolver Digital Expo (39:49)
Ideas on what Microsoft could announce (42:10)
Sony patent hints at further backwards compatibility (48:45)

Best Games of 2020 So Far, Last of Us Part 2, Video Game Prices - Video Games 2 the MAX # 234

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison are joined by Jens Dietrich and Randy Isbelle as they discuss game prices rising for next-gen, Fallot getting a TV series, EVO 2020 canceled, and Microsoft’s possible interest in acquiring WB Interactive.

Plus, the trio of Randy, Jens, and Marc take a spoiler-free dive into Last of Us Part 2 as Randy has finished the game. While Marc and Jens are about halfway through. Marc also has thoughts on Hardspace: Shipbreaker and Jens gives his review on the new content in Persona 5 The Royal. Sean also has finally beaten Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and is on to the Future Connected epilogue.

Finally, in our special topic for this show, everyone gives out their Top 5 Best Games of 2020 So Far.



Game prices possibly going up for Next-Gen (1:00)
Microsoft possibly interested in WB Interactive (20:15)
Fallout getting a TV series thanks to Amazon (26:30)
EVO 2020 canceled amidst allegations (36:30)
Persona 5 Anime Dubbed Hits Bluray (45:37)

Games We Are Playing:

Persona 5 The Royal (47:38)
Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected Epilogue (51:20)
Last of Us Part 2 (54:30)
Hardspace: Shipbreaker (1:22:50)

Special Topic: Best Games of 2020 So Far (1:24:00)

Crash Bandicoot 4, EA Play Live 2020, New Pokemon Snap - Video Games 2 the MAX # 233

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison discuss the announcements from the EA Play 2020 event. How Star Wars: Squadrons has them excited. While Marc is really sour on Skate 4. They also wonder why some of the bigger games did not receive much information at all like the next Dragon Age.

Marc gives his early thoughts on Last of Us Part 2 and Persona 4 Golden on PC. While Sean keeps bashing away at Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

Also, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time leaked due to a retail listing, Sean gets hyped for New Pokemon Snap and Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory getting announced. While they also discuss the Cyberpunk 2077 delay and if the game actually comes out this year.

Thank you to Jens Dietrich for Editing and doing Post Production on the episode.


Games We Are Playing:

Last of Us Part 2 (4:58)
Persona 4: Golden on PC (9:00)
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (13:35)


Crash Bandicoot 4 leaks (19:35)
Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed till November 19
Potential PS5 and Xbox Series X price leaks (57:55)
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Announced (1:08:40)
New Pokemon Snap Announced (1:15:15)
Predictions for next week’s Pokemon Presents (1:24:30)

Main Topic:

EA Play Live 2020 Discussion (22:20)

What Marc found interesting from other announcements this week (1:29:15)

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