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LAST WORD ON TENNIS: The Adria Tour Shambles

This is the podcast of good and bad news. The Last Word On Tennis team reconvenes to discuss the new schedules for the WTA and ATP tours, but also the absolute shambolic scenes at the Adria Tour.

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MnM Hockey Podcast - Black Lives Matter, COVID, and More

The guys have lots of very serious topics to discuss in this week's show. None more so then the Black Lives Matter movement and everything going on with it. Alex and Chace discuss why they haven't posted in a while. As well, they discuss the black lives matter movement and the NHL players that have spoken out about it.

Next, they discuss the COVID-19 situation and take a look at what it means when someone like Auston Matthews gets it. Also, they discuss whether or not reporting on that is a breach of privacy in their opinion. Following that, they take a quick look at a charity disaster and then focus their attention on the mass-firings that came out of the Buffalo Sabres. Breaking down exactly what went wrong and how they need to be fixed. Finally, Alex and Chace talk quickly about the CHL Lawsuit that is taking place and what that means for the game and the culture in hockey itself. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!

LAST WORD ON TENNIS: Nick Lester Talks Commentary, Battle of the Brits & Roger Federer

We are at the point now where tennis is starting to come back and the big players will be available to view again, but not on the WTA/ATP Tours. Smaller events and exhibitions are popping up all over the world, one of which is the so-called "Battle of the Brits" to be held in the UK from June 23-28.

Amazon Prime UK will be covering the event and Nick Lester, lead commentator, agreed to come on the Last Word on Tennis podcast to talk about that, plus all other aspects of tennis. His career, Roger Federer's recovery, and some great stories from life on tour.


LAST WORD ON TENNIS: The Most Under-Appreciated Players of All-Time

The Last Word On Tennis podcast team continue their lockdown mini-series with a look at the most under-appreciated players of all time.

The journey takes us across eras, including examples from both genders and of all different types. Who would you select as your most under-appreciated player?

Twitter: @lastwordtennis

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"Only The Brave" by Rupert Stroud. To stream or download visit:

LAST WORD ON TENNIS: Most Over-Appreciated Players Of All Time

The Last Word On Tennis podcast reconvenes for an interesting topic. Who are the most over-appreciated tennis players of all time? 

The beauty of it is, any player is fair game. Who would you select as your most over-appreciated player?

Twitter: @lastwordtennis

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"Only The Brave" by Rupert Stroud. To stream or download visit:

MnM Hockey Podcast - Leipsic and Top 5 Worst NHL Teams to Take Over

The guys are back with some news to talk about. Unfortunately, they need to start with a serious topic in discussing Brendan Leipsic and the events that unfolded this week. Alex and Chace talk about what all of this means for him and the Washington Capitals. They look at it from and on-ice and also off-ice perspective. The guys discuss what would need to be done to make the situation better and what would the outcome be if it was a better-known player?

From there, they switch over to a pair of KHL signings and discuss what that may mean for teams going forward. Having a discussion about why Alex and Chace dislike comparables for players when it comes to pre-draft as well.

After that, they talk about the NHL Draft and the potential of it happening. Why it may happen, and why Alex thinks from a logistical standpoint, it absolutely shouldn't happen. Finally, the guys take a look at the worst five teams to take over right now. Factoring in the roster, management, and everything else that could be included. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!

MnM Hockey Podcast - Top NHL Compliance Buyout Candidates For Each Team

The guys are back and they only have two things of news to touch on. Both are Columbus Blue Jackets related as the guys take a look at the Joonas Korpisalo and Elvis Merzlikins deals that were signed last week. Alex and Chace give their thoughts on the deals and why Columbus is in a good spot with goaltending going forward. After that, they take a look at NHL Compliance buyouts.

For this exercise, Alex and Chace looked at the best option for a compliance buyout. A compliance buyout is when a team buys out a player and pays him 2/3 of the remaining salary over double the length left. However, this buyout doesn't count towards the cap. These only usually happen when a new CBA comes into play or there is a massive change to the salary cap. With the uncertain circumstances of today, the guys thought it would be a fun idea to take a look at it.

To make it a little more interesting, they had three trades to use. If a team did not have someone they needed to buy out, they could trade for another player from a different team. This team would give them assets for the player and in turn, could technically buy out two players. 

MnM Hockey Podcast - Top 10 Goalies and NHL News

The guys are back to wrap up their best in the league lists. However, they actually have some NHL News to talk about. First off, they look at a pair of signings from the Blues. Locking down Marco Scandella and Sammy Blais to contracts. Alex and Chace give their thoughts on that and what it may mean for Alex Pietrangelo. Next, they look at Andrei Markov and his retirement to hockey, talking about what he meant to the game and what they will remember him for. Finally, the look at the Dustin Byfuglien contract termination. What it means for both sides and how it will affect both parties going forward.

After the NHL News, they switch to the top 10 goalies. They did the Top 20 Defencemen already, now they move to the position behind them. Alex and Chace discuss what went into their criteria for ranking goalies and try to decide how much one year means when ranking them. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!


MnM Hockey Podcast - Top 20 NHL Defencemen

The guys are back with another week of content! Last week, they looked at the top 20 NHL wingers. Now, they are back to look at the Top 20 NHL defencemen. This was the hardest list for both Alex and Chace to create. Mostly because there are so many different things that can go into evaluating a defenceman. Eye test, different statistics, and more. This is by far the most different their lists have been up to this point.

As always, they start with some honourable mentions. People who just missed the cut but very well could be here on next year's list. Next, they look at 20-15, where there are some similarities. Alex favours a certain type of player more than Chace does. However, as the list goes on, Alex has some players much lower than Chace has them ranked. 

The biggest question per usual is, how much of this season should be taken into account vs the past two seasons? Alex and Chace debate it and explain why they have some guys so much higher or so much lower. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast! On Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, and anywhere you get your podcasts. 

LAST WORD ON TENNIS: The Ultimate Laver Cup

The Last Word On Tennis team convenes and divides into Europe and "Rest of the World" for a debate on who would make the Ultimate Laver Cup teams.

Comparing across eras isn't an easy thing to do and deciding on just six players per team is tough, but listen in to some highly informed discussion and find out who ends up on the teams!


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