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Where Should Ricardo Pepi Play Next? And What‘s with the One Month International Break?

Ricardo Pepi looks to possibly have a move to VFL Wolfsburg possibly done soon, but with interest from Ajax, Genoa, and other clubs there's plenty of opportunities for him to go learn and ply his trade. However, with the 2022 World Cup looming playing time is also of the utmost importance.


So Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss who could be the best fit for the USA's star striker, if making a move soon is the best decision, or if perhaps staying in MLS for another year may be a better option.


They get into the latest with what's been happening in the NWSL, Europe and South America looking at blocking the proposed Biennial World Cup, and if Arsene Wenger's one-month international break is a good idea or not.


Plus, Supporters Club, the Manchester United Moment, Hernan Dario Gomez becoming the new coach of Honduras, and more!

Soccer 2 the MAX: USA vs Costa Rica: The Sergino Dest Banger!

After falling behind super early doors 1-0 to Costa Rica, the United States Men's National Team woke up and went after it to get a goal back from an unlikely source in Sergino Dest, and then were able to force a second goal and get the big win to secure six points in this window of three games and sit firmly in second place in the Octagonal.


Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the game, some of the players that stood out, thoughts on the changes to the squad, and after six games is there a Best XI for the USA? Plus, an overall look at the team as the game against Mexico looms on November 12.


Of course, they also go around CONCACAF and discuss the nervy yet comfortable moments for Mexico in San Salvador against La Selecta El Salvador. Canada zooming past Panama for a blowout win, and Jamaica getting their first win in qualifying and sending Honduras straight to the bottom.

Soccer 2 the MAX: USA vs Panama 2022 WCQ Round 5: Seven Changes And a 1-0 Loss

The 13-match unbeaten run has ended for the United States Men's National Team as they fall to Panama 1-0 in World Cup Qualifying. Seven changes were made by coach Gregg Berhalter to the starting 11 from the previous match, was that the biggest factor in the loss?


How much of the lack of energy and grit applies to the players? And what about the substitutions during the game as well? Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins get into all that, plus praise for Panama, Matt Turner finally looking a little vulnerable, and what is it with these half-time subs as well?


The guys also go around the rest of CONCACAF and talk about Costa Rica's big come from behind win against El Salvador. Jamaica and Canada battling to a 0-0 draw, and also Mexico's comfortable win against a 10-man Honduras side too.

USA vs Jamaica - 2022 World Cup Qualifying Round 4 - All Aboard the Ricardo Pepi Train

Although it took a while for the United States National Team to kick it into gear, once they did, it turned into a commanding performance that wound up being a 2-0 victory that could have been more.


Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the standout performances, if the USMNT have solidified two of their three starters up-front, was Walker Zimmerman secretly the Center Back the team needed? And of course, it is all aboard the Ricardo Pepi train as he scores two more goals in his home state.


Of course, there's also talk about some controversial decisions involving the referee and why no VAR in CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying is an even bigger mystery as well.


Plus, we go around CONCACAF talking about the other games that happened on the night including a deeper dive into Canada vs. Mexico and El Salvador's big result against Panama too.

Soccer 2 the MAX: NWSL Abuse Allegations Lead to Changes And Reform, USMNT WCQ Rounds 4-6 Squad

Unfortunately, the major story this week in American soccer is one that involves allegations of verbal and emotional abuse and sexual coercion that have led to the firing of not only former North Carolina head coach Paul Riley, but also former Washington Spirit head coach Richie Burke. This has now gone a step further with Lisa Baird now becoming the former commissioner of the league as well.


Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the delicate topic, why the league got it wrong on so many levels, and what they are starting to do to ensure it doesn't happen again.


The United States Men's National Team also had their World Cup Qualifying squad announced for the next round of games against Jamaica, Panama, and Costa Rica. The guys go over the roster, some surprises, and if there are any major snubs too.


Plus, Supporters Club, the Manchester United minute, and what's a bigger disappointment Bayern Munich or Real Madrid from this week?

Soccer 2 the MAX: Could Ronaldo Be the Next Man Utd Manager? Big Changes for the Leagues Cup Ahead

Is it possible that Cristiano Ronaldo could be the next Manchester United manager when his playing career finally ends? Or is this just speculation of the highest order since once again Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is under fire for recent results?


Major changes are happening all over the landscape when it comes to CONCACAF competitions as the CONCACAF Champions League changes again and now the League Cup expands to include every single MLS and Liga MX team. Plus, there's also a 2nd division Women's League in the works too.


All this plus Luchi Gonzalez fired at FC Dallas in our headlines, Supporters Club, and our biggest winners and losers as well.

Ronaldo‘s Manchester United Re-Debut Goes Well And Then Doesn‘t, Latest on USWNT Equal Pay

Discussing the re-debut of Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United in both Premier League action and UEFA Champions League action. How one game went so right and one went right for about 30 minutes and then horribly wrong. 



Also, the United States Soccer Federation has offered identical collective bargaining agreements to both the United States Men and Women's National Teams. Going the route of revenue sharing for actual pay and aiming to get the men and women to split FIFA prize money.  Is this really a way to get equal pay? Is it actually viable at the moment?  Are the USSF trying to find the cheapest way out? 



Plus, CONMEBOL now changes their mind about the biennial World Cup, while FIFPRO also weighs in on the situation too. All of this while other confederations seem to actually be ok with the idea. Plus, this also gives Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins a chance to discuss the Women's side of the equation and how this could actually benefit them.


Of course things end as always with the Supporters Club where we look at how our teams are doing.

USA Vs Honduras - WCQ Round 3 - A Dream Debut for Ricardo Pepi

A tale of two halves it certainly was for the United States Men's National Team in a huge win to bring them level with the other major powers in CONCACAF during this cycle.


Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the game with their headlines, some players that stood out, the coaching decisions, and also things to be careful of going forward into the next round of games. All of the other CONCACAF teams also played on this night as well.


Also, the duo takes a gander around the confederation as to how the other teams stack up and the standings as they are heading into October.

Why Does FIFA Want a World Cup Every Two Years?

World Cup qualifying showcased many things about the beautiful game on and off the pitch this past week. Especially in the facet of having global things affect the games themselves. 


Of course, Brazil vs. Argentina debacle is front of mind as those in charge of Brazil’s medical quadrant got involved and made a fiasco of a huge game that had already started. Plus Erik Watkins has another story that is even bigger than that one. 


Sean Garmer has a bone to pick with FIFA and why they did not honor the already in place UEFA stadium ban which could have prevented the racial abuse incidents that the England players suffered in their game against Hungary. 


FIFA has also drawn the ire of UEFA and many others in a grander way as right now Arsene Wenger is leading the charge for a major change to the FIFA World Cup structure in possibly having it biennially instead of every four years. The guys have a great discussion and try to answer the question of Why FIFA wants a World Cup every two years and why this isn’t such a good idea. 


Also, the NWSL made a huge decision in not only having their championship game in Portland again but also making the game a 9 am Pacific time start. The duo discusses why this is a bad move and what it says about the league decision-makers as a whole. 


Plus a look our MLS and other international teams have faired in games as well. 

2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying: USA 1-1 Canada Reactions

The second game of three sees the United States Men's National Team play in Nashville, Tennessee, against Canada. In a game where the USMNT will really be looking for a result.

Did Christian Pulisic playing for the USA make a big difference? How vital was Alphonso Davies for Canada? Who are some players to point out? Some players that perhaps missed the mark?

Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael Kriger have much to discuss as once again USMNT only manages a point.

Should this be seen as a disappointment? Should it be a relief? Is Gregg Berhalter to blame at all in this?

Plus, a look around to the other CONCACAF qualifiers that happened on the night as well.

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