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Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 19): NFL Divisional Weekend Preview! Plus a Breakdown of Why this Postseason is Not as Special as We Think

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL Divisional round matchups. He also breaks down why the Titans aren’t going away, how Kansas City’s collapse was so predictable, and wonders if Atlanta can be this year’s Cinderella. Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 16): NFL Week 15 Preview! Plus a Breakdown of NFC, After the Carson Wentz Injury

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 15 matchups. He also looks back on the career of Reggie Bush, analyzes the race for the AFC West crown, and gets excited for Patriots @ Steelers. Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 7): NFL Week 6 Preview! Plus a Look at Big Ben’s Alarming Comments

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 6 matchups. He also analyzes Big Ben Roethlisberger’s comments, breaks down the tie atop the AFC East, and calls it a year for the New York Giants. Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Any Given Monday NFL Podcast - Episode 15: FOOTBALL IS BACK (Week 1 Review)

The boys are back with their first episode of Any Given Monday for the 2018 NFL season! In this episode Nads and Dunc review all the big news from week 1 of the NFL season, discussing Kareem Hunt’s monster game, Beast Mode’s return to the gridiron, Carson Wentz’s step to the next level and a whole lot more, covering EVERY SINGLE GAME that happened in week 1!

The Slam Dunc for this week is one not to be missed. After all, you know it’s a goodie when Dunc is roasting his own Colts franchise!

A new segment to the show is presented this week, where Nads and Dunc provide their ‘picks’ for next week.

Our final QB rankings are not apart of this week’s show, we will provide a special edition podcast specifically for those final rankings in the near future.

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Nads on Twitter - @HBNadolny
Dunc on Twitter - @DSoang

Check out some of the music that features in our Podcast! Thanks to the wonderful people over at NoCopyrightSounds for their amazing work. In this episode, you heard:

Frontier (feat. Jasmina Lin & Jay Christopher) by Krale 
Northern Lights by Blazars
Safe and Sound by Different Heaven
Firefly by Jim Yosef
Fall to Light by Laszlo
Blank by Disfigure

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Football 2 the MAX: 2016 NFL Draft Preview: Round 1 Mock Draft, Tom Brady Suspended, & More

We are days away from The 2016 NFL Draft and there isn’t a better way to get you ready for that than doing our 2016 NFL Draft Preview. We do our own version of a Round 1 Mock Draft and also drop down to see what the New England Patriots do in the lower part of the second round. We give out some possibilities of trades and players we are looking at in the second and third round as well. This will definitely be something you will want to check out.

That’s not all though, as Tom Brady received

bad news yesterday morning, as his four game suspension has been reinstated and he may not be able to win an appeal this time. The Philadelphia Eagles also received bad news from Sam Bradford that he wants to be traded. We also give our two cents on the Josh Norman deal and how it affects the Washington Redskins draft.

------------ Time Stamps ------------

(2:40-33:05) NFL News: Tom Brady Suspended for Deflategate, Sam Bradford wants a trade, Josh Norman signs & More.

(33:05-End) 2016 NFL Draft Preview: Round 1 Mock Draft, New England Patriots picks, best players for Round 2


Football 2 the MAX: Eagles and Browns Trade, Josh Norman Franchise Tag Rescinded, & Off-Season Analysis: Entire NFC East

Another week closer to the NFL Draft and another crazy deal happened as well. This time for the number two pick in the draft went to another team. The Eagles and Browns trade now sees the Eagles poised to take one of the Quarterbacks, while the Browns can stock up on picks. It is even possible that the Browns trade down again before it is all said and done.

There’s also the big news of Josh Norman being untendered by the Carolina Panthers and allowed to become an unrestricted free agent. We

discuss where he could land and if this shakes up the draft at all.

Finally, we end our NFL Off-Season Analysis by looking at the entire NFC East in one show. Last Word on Sports Writer Quinton Mayo makes his debut on the podcast talking about the Washington Redskins, Wayne Curtis joins us to talk Dallas Cowboys, Brandon Biskobing returns to blab about the New York Giants, and Anthony Rouh makes another appearance to give his perspective on the big trade and his Philadelphia Eagles.

So, it should be a packed show and we will return on Tuesday morning with our huge 2016 NFL Draft Preview, which also includes our mock draft of the first round as well.

-------------- Time Stamps -------------

(4:00-36:00) NFL News:  Breakdown of Eagles and Browns trade and what it means for the 2016 NFL Draft, Josh Norman loses Franchise Tag, DeMarcus Lawrence possibly to be suspended four games.

(36:00-59:00 Includes Interview) Washington Redskins

(59:00-1:19:00 Includes Interview) Dallas Cowboys

(1:19:00-1:38:00 Includes Interview) New York Giants

(1:38:00-End Includes Interview) Philadelphia Eagles


Football 2 the MAX: 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis: Indianapolis Colts & Houston Texans

We continue on the road with our 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis, as we begin our journey through the AFC South.

James Fonty Foncannon gives us the info on what the Indianapolis Colts need and Ross Tiemann of the Fantasy Football Loungecast tells us everything about the Houston Texans as well.

We also discuss DeMarco Murray going to the Tennessee Titans, Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso going to the Miami Dolphins, RG3 released, Peyton Manning officially retiring and more.

------- Time Stamps


(3:30-42:00) NFL News: Peyton Manning Retires, DeMarco Murray Traded, Kiko Alonso & Byron Maxwell to the Dolphins, and a lot more.

(42:00- Includes Interview) Indianapolis Colts

(1:13:20-End Includes Interview) Houston Texans


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Super Bowl 50 Preview Part 2 & NFL News

I want to apologize upfront for the audio issues on this episode. The studio we use to record our live podcasts updated and apparently created problems for us that I (Sean) couldn't hear until the final product was created.

I can't do anything about this popping sound that happens when Randy and Gary talk, I sound clear the whole show though. This will be fixed for our next episode on Sunday night though.

If you want to listen to this anyway, the description and timestamps are


We kick things off by discussing some of the NFL news that's been going around with Johnny Manziel and the situation with his girlfriend, the Rooney rule instituted for women involving executive positions, DeMarco Murray being uncomfortable in Philadelphia, and Colin Kapernick wanting out of San Francisco.

Then we finish things out with the our Super Bowl 50 Preview Part 2.

This is where we discuss the Denver Broncos offense vs. the Carolina Panthers defense. Can Peyton Manning outdo this Panthers front seven? Will it be turnover city for the Broncos offense? How many sacks could the Panthers get on the Broncos QB? We discuss and try to answer all that the best we can.

---------Time Stamps--------

(3:25-31:15) NFL News: Johnny Manziel problems, DeMarco Murray uncomfortable in Philly, Colin Kapernick wants out of San Fran & More.

(31:15-End) Super Bowl 50 Preview Part 2. Denver Broncos Offense vs. Carolina Panthers Defense and predictions


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Divisional Round Review & Cam Newton

We kick things off today by doing a NFL Divisional Round Recap of the four games played over the weekend. We discuss the keys to the win and the loss, any concerns we have for the four remaining teams, and look ahead to the Championship Games as well.

We do weave in discussions on the Doug Pederson hire by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tennessee Titans retaining Mike Mularkey as well.

We then finish things out by having a discussion about Cam Newton throwing away the 12th man flag, and if

the NFL needs more players like Cam that have fun and celebrate more.

--------  Time Stamps  ------------

(3:05-1:08:57) NFL Divisional Round Recap, Doug Pederson & Mike Mularkey, Concerns for remaining teams

(1:08:57-End) Discussion about Cam Newton throwing away the Seahawks 12th Man Flag, and if the NFL needs more players like how Cam Newton is on and off the field.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview, the Rams big move, & new coaching hires

We kick things off with a discussion on the move of the Rams back to Los Angeles and we also talk about all the recent coaching hires that have occurred since the last time we did a podcast. Can Hue Jackson really turn the Cleveland Browns around? Will the promotions for the Bucs and Giants really carry them to the next level? What about Chip Kelly in San Francisco? Does this mean Collin Kapernick is a Quarterback in the NFL again? We discuss all of this and more.

Then we finish things

out by doing our NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview. We look at each game, what are the keys for each team, what are some of the big injury concerns? How will they affect the teams? And of course we make predictions for each game as well.

(2:40-14:10) Discussion about Rams moving back to Los Angeles

(14:10-40:30) Talk about each coaching hire made since 1/11/16 and the news about Chris Mortensen

(40:30-End) NFL Divisional Round Preview discussing each game and making predictions.