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Where Should Ricardo Pepi Play Next? And What‘s with the One Month International Break?

Ricardo Pepi looks to possibly have a move to VFL Wolfsburg possibly done soon, but with interest from Ajax, Genoa, and other clubs there's plenty of opportunities for him to go learn and ply his trade. However, with the 2022 World Cup looming playing time is also of the utmost importance.


So Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss who could be the best fit for the USA's star striker, if making a move soon is the best decision, or if perhaps staying in MLS for another year may be a better option.


They get into the latest with what's been happening in the NWSL, Europe and South America looking at blocking the proposed Biennial World Cup, and if Arsene Wenger's one-month international break is a good idea or not.


Plus, Supporters Club, the Manchester United Moment, Hernan Dario Gomez becoming the new coach of Honduras, and more!

Last Word SC Radio: USMNT Jamaica Preview and More!

What's up Internet? This week on Last Word SC Radio, Matt, Dan, and Harvey get together to look ahead to the Concacaf October World Cup Qualifiers, focusing on our USMNT Jamaica preview. 

The trio starts by discussing the disturbing news coming out of the NWSL with the sexual misconduct from Paul Riley. We try to make sense of how this happened and where the league and WoSo go from here.

Then we get to the international window. Dan breaks down the three games for the United States, what to expect and what could happen. Matt discusses why that Honduras vs. Jamaica game at the end of the window Harvey thinks the time is now for El Salvador. Also, it could be a tough three games for Canada. 

We finish the show off with USMNT Pick 'Ems and Last Words. 

Soccer 2 the MAX: NWSL Abuse Allegations Lead to Changes And Reform, USMNT WCQ Rounds 4-6 Squad

Unfortunately, the major story this week in American soccer is one that involves allegations of verbal and emotional abuse and sexual coercion that have led to the firing of not only former North Carolina head coach Paul Riley, but also former Washington Spirit head coach Richie Burke. This has now gone a step further with Lisa Baird now becoming the former commissioner of the league as well.


Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the delicate topic, why the league got it wrong on so many levels, and what they are starting to do to ensure it doesn't happen again.


The United States Men's National Team also had their World Cup Qualifying squad announced for the next round of games against Jamaica, Panama, and Costa Rica. The guys go over the roster, some surprises, and if there are any major snubs too.


Plus, Supporters Club, the Manchester United minute, and what's a bigger disappointment Bayern Munich or Real Madrid from this week?

Why Does FIFA Want a World Cup Every Two Years?

World Cup qualifying showcased many things about the beautiful game on and off the pitch this past week. Especially in the facet of having global things affect the games themselves. 


Of course, Brazil vs. Argentina debacle is front of mind as those in charge of Brazil’s medical quadrant got involved and made a fiasco of a huge game that had already started. Plus Erik Watkins has another story that is even bigger than that one. 


Sean Garmer has a bone to pick with FIFA and why they did not honor the already in place UEFA stadium ban which could have prevented the racial abuse incidents that the England players suffered in their game against Hungary. 


FIFA has also drawn the ire of UEFA and many others in a grander way as right now Arsene Wenger is leading the charge for a major change to the FIFA World Cup structure in possibly having it biennially instead of every four years. The guys have a great discussion and try to answer the question of Why FIFA wants a World Cup every two years and why this isn’t such a good idea. 


Also, the NWSL made a huge decision in not only having their championship game in Portland again but also making the game a 9 am Pacific time start. The duo discusses why this is a bad move and what it says about the league decision-makers as a whole. 


Plus a look our MLS and other international teams have faired in games as well. 

Soccer 2 the MAX: 2021 Transfer Deadline Day Madness, Ronaldo Returns to Manchester United

The full squad is here for a big show heading into a very interesting International break. But first, there's a discussion on the madness that was Transfer Deadline day. Although the major one many were hoping for did not come to fruition as Kylian Mbappe stays at PSG. 


However, there are still several surprises to get into, including Cristiano Ronaldo coming back to Manchester United, Antoine Griezmann heading back to Atletico Madrid, and more.  


There are also some interesting tidbits on the newly minted CONCACAF W Championship and CONCACAF W Gold Cup as well.

Plus of course, What We Watched, The Supporters Club, Headlines, and more.


We will be back twice before the next regular show. Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins will have a review and reactions to the first USMNT World Cup Qualifying game against El Salvador on early Friday morning.  Plus, the full crew again including Rachael McKriger on Sunday night for the second USMNT WCQ game against Canada too.


Rachael's article for The Equalizer:

Soccer 2 the MAX: A UEFA Salary Cap? Brentford’s Big Win, Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid?

Soccer 2 the MAX is back! And all three of your hosts are here, as Sean Garmer once again rejoins Erik Watkins and Rachael Kriger in talking about the beautiful game they love so much.

This time there's a much different format to what's been in the past on the show. Each episode features standard segments like Headlines, What We Watched, and the Supporters Club. However, each host also brings their own topic as well which is sure to drive some banter and conversation.

Sean wonders if the possible UEFA salary cap is actually going to work or if the big clubs will just overpay to get whoever they want. Should there be a hard cap instead? Rachael discusses why the National Women's Soccer League needs a team in Canada. While Erik is still happy about Brentford's big win.

Plus, thoughts on a possible move for Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid, the mess with FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi, if Harry Kane goes to Manchester City, thoughts on fans being back in the stands, and more.


(1:30): Our Headlines: NWSL Needs VAR, Kylian Mbappe going to Real Madrid? Could Cristiano Ronaldo come to PSG? And discussing fans being back as the European league seasons begin.

(23:20): What We Watched This Week: Manchester United Vs. Leeds United, Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers, and some Leagues Cup action.

(38:30): NWSL Need a team in Canada

(47:15): UEFA Proposing a Salary Cap with a Luxury Tax

(56:00) Brentford's Premier League Debut Win

(59:30:) The Supporters Club: How We Feel About the Teams we Support this week

LWSC Radio: MLS is Back Back, NWSL Updates

What's up Internet? This week on Last Word SC Radio, Matt and Rachael sit down (virtually) to talk. We discuss the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup getting cancelled for 2020. The MLS regular season is back and in full swing. We talk the highlights from last week.

Then Rachael gives some key NWSL updates. That spurs a conversation about the exodus of NWSL/USWNT stars to women's clubs in Europe. 

Last Word SC: NWSL Challenge Cup Final and MiB Round of 16

What's up internet? Daniel Sperry runs the show with Rachael Kriger to discuss the NWSL Challenge Cup Final, and how the Houston Dash surprised everyone and won the whole thing. On top of it they break down the Round of 16 matches from MLS is Back, and preview the Quarterfinals. 


Last Word SC: Frank DeBoer out in Atlanta, NWSL Challenge Final, plus more MLS

What's up internet? Matt Pollard returns to join Daniel Sperry and Rachael Kriger to discuss the NWSL Semi-final matchups, and the results of the group stages. We break down every game of the MiB Round of 16 and the group stage results. 


Dan has two new Atlanta United rants, Rachael decides not to play "homer" for Seattle, and Matt discusses the Charlotte Handegg Team's name and new logo. 

Last Word SC Radio: MLS is Back second match wrap-up, and a shocking NWSL quarterfinal round

What's up internet? Matt Pollard returns to join Daniel Sperry and Rachael Kriger to discuss the shocking NWSL Quarterfinal matchups, and the second group stage matches of the MLS is Back Tournament. They make predictions on the NWSL semi-finals and the key final round of group matches for the MLS is Back tournament.

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