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Crossing the Line Podcast Episode 24 – Curse Broken, Grades Given, and Not Overly Complicated

#CrossingTheLine is back with Jesse Rosales (@5280Jesse) and Keith Richards (@5280Keith) as they discuss the Cubs World Series win.  The guys analysis game seven, the decisions made by the managers and the implications for each team.  Jesse and Keith also get into their 2nd quarter/halftime grades for each division in the NFL, declaring who they think is the best division in the NFL, the worst division, and everything in between.  Before talking about What’s On Tap for the next week in sports, the guys introduce a new segment called Not Overly Complicated in which they touch on the NCAA, umpires in the MLB, and NFL refs. 


Football 2 the MAX: NFC South 2016 Preview

We continue with the NFC on Football 2 the MAX. This week, it is all about the NFC South. All four teams in this division are represented by Last Word on Sports Writers, which is a honorary first for us. Will Cotchery, Garrett Readling, Justin Halper and Dalton Tompkins help us cover the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers respectively.

Each person on the panel gives their full standings for the NFC South and overall records for each team. We also

do the same and give a final wrap-up on the division too. So, be sure to join us for this NFC South Division 2016 Preview.

------------------------- Time Stamps -------------------

(9:15-40:15 Includes interview and our analysis) New Orleans Saints

(40:15- 1:01:30 Includes interview and our analysis) Carolina Panthers

(1:01:30-1:23:20 Includes interview and our analysis) Atlanta Falcons

(1:23:20-End Includes interview and our analysis, plus final standings for division)


Football 2 the MAX: 2016 NFL Rule Changes, Free Agency, & Off-Season Analysis: Saints & Falcons

NFL Free Agency continues to roll along and we keep on discussing the moves and signings that have come out of that.

We also keep going with our 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis as well, ending our look at the NFC South. Last Word on Sports NFL Writer Will Cotchery tells us everything about the New Orleans Saints, while Tre Reed talks about the Atlanta Falcons with us.

We also discuss the proposed rule changes for the 2016 season and a few other things as well.



(3:30-31:30) 2016 Proposed Rule Changes & Free Agency News

(31:30-1:00:20) includes interview) New Orleans Saints

(1:00:20-End includes intervew) Atlanta Falcons