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MnM Hockey Podcast: Early Season Signings and Trends

Alex and Chace are back with regular-season hockey to discuss! However, there were also a handful of signings to take a look at as the season gets going. Namely, the Brady Tkachuk deal with the Ottawa Senators. Alex gives his thoughts and why the high AAV is nothing to worry about for Sens fans. From there, they look at the Ryan Pulock and Charlie McAvoy deals. Both signings the guys feel are really easy to analyze and that's because they are slam dunk wins.

After, they briefly discuss Evander Kane and his suspension. Discussing whether or not he plays again, and if it is for the San Jose Sharks or not. Finally, they look at some on-ice discussion! Teams that have been hot out of the gate and a few teams that have really started to struggle. As well as a discussion about whether or not the two teams people considered juggernauts should be worried about their depth scoring?

Last Word on Sens Podcast: Brady Tkachuk Deal and Season Start with SENS TALK

Alex is back as the season gets underway and this week, he has a ton to talk about! To help discuss all these items, making his return to the podcast is Brandon Plant from SENS TALK. Together, the two start with taking a look at the Brady Tkachuk contract and what it means for the team, fans, and organization as a whole. They discuss why it is a fair deal despite the lack of production on the score sheet. As well as how they see Tkachuk growing as a player.

From there, they switch to look at storylines from the first three games of the season. Including their two games against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Breaking down what they liked and didn't like coming out of each game. Some key takeaways to start the year were the depth and the goaltending. Finally, they discuss the goaltending situation and what Matt Murray may bring on his return to the team.

MnM Hockey Podcast - Nick Suzuki, Barkov Signings and More

Welcome back to the MnM Hockey Podcast. Alex and Chace are recording on night two of the NHL season being underway. Thankfully, they have some actual news to talk about as they already looked at NHL storylines last week. The Montreal Canadiens Nick Suzuki signing is a big topic of discussion today. Alex isn't sure why everyone seems to think it was such a slam dunk. However, he is still higher on the signing than Chace who certainly has some questions.

The guys also take a look at some other huge signing's that have happened. Including Aleksander Barkov signing a massive deal. They then switch to two deals that are way more puzzling than the first two. One being Mika Zibanejad where the New York Rangers were in a tough position. The other being Mattias Ekholm which neither Alex nor Chace can understand. Unfortunately, they recorded before the Brady Tkachuk signing happened so that will be on next week's podcast with Alex and his full reaction.  

Last Word on Sens Podcast: Ottawa Senators Season Preview with Tyler Ray

Alex is back after a month off as the news cycle slowed down significantly. Today, he takes a look at the 2021-22 Ottawa Senators in a full season preview. Joining him in breaking down the season is Tyler Ray, making his return to the podcast. To start, they take a look at Brady Tkachuk and why he doesn't have a contract yet. What do each of them expect and when will it happen?

From there, they look at the Colin White injury and why Ottawa might be thin down the middle this year. The two also discuss what it means that Tyler Ennis has officially signed a contract. Ennis was on a professional tryout all throughout camp. Tyler and Alex go through the forwards and defence, discussing what they expect from each and the season expectations as a whole. Tune in for all of this and more, with the Last Word on Sens Podcast!

MnM Hockey Podcast: NHL Storylines with Greg Wyshynski

Alex and Chace are now officially finished their season preview series and today, want to look at some NHL Storylines heading into the season. Items they want to keep an eye out for as the season progresses. The guys start by discussing the Robin Lehner situation and what he had to say this weekend. From there, they also break down the Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes contracts. Mixed reviews are in, but maybe not because of the contracts themselves? Alex and Chace discuss a few items of their own too before jumping into the interview.

Finally, Greg Wyshynski of ESPN joins Alex and Chace and they go through some more NHL Storylines. Including Seattle, New Jersey, Vancouver and more. Greg gives his opinion on all of the divisions and the guys go back and forth with him. See what Greg has to say about the league as a whole including the new coverage coming to ESPN this season.

MnM Hockey Podcast - 2021-22 Pacific Division Preview

Alex and Chace are back with their final preview of the season. This week, it is the 2021-22 Pacific Division. Today, they continue their Western side of things after the Central division last week. As always, they break things up into tiers. Starting with the bottom tier which focuses on teams that have no chance of making the playoffs. Purely rebuilding teams that know they will most likely be bad this season.

From there, they take a look at the teams that have more hope. Ones that certainly want to try and win. Because of how open this division is, at least one of these teams will make the playoffs which aren't the same as some other divisions they guys have previewed. However, that leaves them with two more teams to discuss. One they believe will certainly be first. The other is a bit more open as to how things go this season. Tune in to find out where they have each team ranked in the 2021-22 Pacific Division standings.

MnM Hockey Podcast - 2021-22 Central Division Preview

Alex and Chace are back for part three of their preview series. Today, they preview the 2021-22 Central Division. Just like the Atlantic and Metro, they split teams up into different tiers. Ones they expect to be competing for the division title, wild card, outside the wild card and rebuilding. 

In this episode, one team is so bad they need to make an extra tier. It likely won't come as a shock as to which team that is, unless you forget they have switched divisions. A big part of the discussion for some of the middle teams is how big of a chance they may have to grab a wild card, even if they're not actually good. Next week, they will look at the Pacific division but that's a big reason why. 

Follow as the guys break down what every team in this division has in store for them. As well, let both Alex and Chace know what you agree or disagree with about their rankings. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast.


MnM Hockey Podcast - 2021 NHL Metro Division Preview

Alex and Chace are back for part two of their preview series. Last week, they broke down the Atlantic Division and what to expect. Now, they preview the 2021-22 Metro Division. Once again splitting the teams into tiers of rebuilding, longshot, bubble teams, and top three teams. 

The 2021-22 Metro division is an interesting one. Unlike the Atlantic, there isn't a clear favourite or even a clear top few teams. The mix of teams is much more skewed towards the middle than it is high and low. Still, the guys go through each team and what they liked or disliked during the offseason. Trying to match up where they have every team and why they expect some teams to stay put or not. 

As usual, they have to try and guess if this is finally the year the giants of the Metro really take a step back or not. Both Alex and Chace are nervous to make that assumption given how many times they have been burnt by it in the past.

MnM Hockey Podcast -2021-22 Atlantic Division Preview

Alex and Chace are back and are getting ready for a new season. Already somehow in September, the guys are starting their yearly division previews. Today, they start with a 2021-22 Atlantic Division Preview. The guys break things down into four tiers where they then rank each team in that respective tier.

Starting with the "bad", these are teams with no hope for success this year and frankly, everyone should expect to be bad. Alex and Chace both have two teams slotted here as they examine what is a very bleak outlook for one of them specifically. After, they go to the middle or bubble tier where it's teams that probably shouldn't be expected to be lottery favourites, but aren't playoff contenders either.

Next, they look at wildcard teams. These are teams that have a very outside chance at making a top-three divisional spot but are a good bet to be on that playoff bubble contending for a wild card. Both Alex and Chace really only feel one team fits this description though. Finally, they have the top three tiers. Ironically, four teams in this division fit that. However, this tier is for the teams that have a legit shot at the division title. If not that, for sure a top-three spot in the division. 

Last Word on Sens Podcast: Breaking Down Drake Batherson and Pierre Dorion Signings with Derek Lee

Welcome back to the Last Word on Sens podcast. Today, Alex has some of the biggest news of the Ottawa Senators' summer to look at. Drake Batherson and Pierre Dorion have signed new contracts since the last podcast was released. Both of these are huge news for the organization's future. To help break everything down, Derek Lee makes his return to the podcast.

Together, the guys look at how the Batherson deal may affect Brady Tkachuk, if at all. They also discuss how good of a job Dorion has done so far and what is in store for the future of this team. Looking at things such as the lack of moves in free agency this year, what does the blueline look like going forward and should Ottawa trade Erik Brannstrom and Logan Brown right now? Tune in for all of that and more, with the Last Word on Sens Podcast!

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