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Wrestling 2 the MAX EP 212 Pt 2: NJPW Destruction in Tokyo Preview, CWC Finals, TNA, More

On this W2M episode, we give our thoughts on the WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finals as a group. Sean did the W2M EXTRA, but Gary and Paul now give their opinions on the show. Sean and Paul also do a NJPW Destruction in Tokyo Preview as well. The guys talk about the latest wrestling news, Lucha Underground’s Weapons of Mass Destruction match, the latest in TNA and NXT, plus more.

We start things by discussing all things WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finals. Then, the guys get into the wrestling

news in “Quick Hits.” There’s more on Alberto El Patron’s press conference and Paige too. The Mexican Senate confirms National Lucha Libre Day. Katsuyori Shibata possibly majorly injured. New Japan makes some money. Jack Swagger joins Smackdown Live. New Japan wants to sign ReDragon, plus more.

After that, we get into NXT. Next, is the NJPW Destruction in Tokyo Preview. Then, the guys discuss Lucha Underground and TNA Impact Wrestling as well.

Finally, we have the W2M Power Rankings and a Superstar of the Week.


Wrestling 2 the MAX EP 208 Pt 1: ROH Death Before Dishonor 2016 Preview, TNA Has a New President, More

On this W2M episode, we give our thoughts and predictions in our ROH Death Before Dishonor 2016 Preview. There’s also some big news coming out of TNA with Billy Corgan becoming the new TNA President, while Dixie Carter moves into a Chairman position. TNA is also creating a new championship that includes three rounds, MMA rules, and even judges. Could this be a revolutionary thing for wrestling? Or do we think this is going to be something that falls flat on its face? Either way, it is nice to

hear TNA is trying something different.

We also get into the wrestling news in “Quick Hits.” Shawn Michaels becoming a NXT coach. Sarah Amato and Adam Pearce moving up to the main roster. Goldberg appearing for 2K at Summerslam. WWE’s big schedule for the WWE Network this week. WWE exploring avenues for more LGBT characters and more.

Next, we discuss the latest Ring of Honor TV.

Finally, we have our ROH Death Before Dishonor 2016 Preview.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 203 Pt 2: NJPW G1 Climax 26 Preview, CWC Week 1, Ultima Lucha Dos Week 2, More

On this episode of W2M, Tom Reese joins the show to help cover one of the biggest events of the entire wrestling year. Of course, that’s the New Japan Pro-Wrestling G1 Climax tournament. We discuss what the odds are for each wrestler involved, points they may garner, and who has the best chance to win it all. This NJPW G1 Climax 26 Preview is going to be as all-encompassing as we can make it.

We start things though with Wrestling News in “Quick Hits.” We discuss John Cena’s performance at

the ESPY’S and how long he really has left in WWE. Moose signs a two year deal, AJ Lee’s autobiography has a name, Caristico is injured again, and more.

We get into our NJPW G1 Climax 26 Preview

Then, we discuss the big Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor match from NXT. After that we touch on the first week of the Cruiserweight Classic. After that, the second week of Ultima Lucha Dos as well.

Finally, we talk about the final Tuesday night episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. Then, we do the W2M Power Rankings to end the show.

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(10:00-42:15) Wrestling News: John Cena at the ESPY'S and how he could be doing more outside of WWE. Moose signs a two year deal with TNA. AJ Lee's book has a name. The WWE Draft Center and more.

(42:15-1:31:00) NJPW G1 Climax 26 Preview

(1:31:00 1:44:55) WWE NXT
(1:44:55-2:05:10) Cruiserweight Classic
(2:05:10-2:17:45) LU Ultima Lucha Dos
(2:17:45-2:36:40) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:36:40-End) W2M Power Rankings


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 202 Pt 1: WWE RAW, NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review, More

On this episode of W2M, we look at the final New Japan Pro-Wrestling show before the G1 Climax 26. So, there’s a NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review to do.

Harry Broadhurst also joins us to discuss WWE RAW. This is why the conversation lasts a bit longer than usual for that segment as well.

After that, we get into the wrestling news in “Quick Hits.” we talk about Brock Lesnar’s potential Summerslam opponent. Tajiri could be returning to WWE TV after the Cruiserweight Classic. Roderick Strong is

back in Evolve. There are more participants added to PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles 2016 and more.

Finally, we get into that NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review to finish things out.

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(8:00-1:21:55) WWE RAW

(1:21:55-1:41:55) Wrestling News: Brock Lesnar's Summerslam opponent, Tajiri staying with WWE, Roderick Strong returning to EVOLVE, the next four in PWG BOLA and more.

(1:41:55-End) NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 201 Pt 2: Ricochet going to WWE, NJPW G1 Climax 26 Match Card Breakdowns, PWG BOLA

On this episode of W2M, we discuss some hiring decisions WWE could be making soon. Big reports coming out this week that Ricochet going to WWE is a very big possibility. We also talk about what could have caused Moose to fall out of favor with the company. As the WWE Draft and the brand extension get closer, more moves could be coming and we try to keep you up to date with the latest.

On our Tuesday show, we discussed the NJPW G1 Climax 26 Blocks being announced, but now the full G1 match

cards have been released as well. We go through and pick out some of the matches we are most excited about, and what G1 nights that will shine after the tournament ends.

We have even more with the wrestling news in “Quick Hits.” WWE could be looking at Mascara Dorada, the first 16 entrants in the 2016 PWG Battle of Los Angeles, Stardom World website starts up, Michael Elgin winning a tournament, WWE wanting separate everything on the brand split and more.

Next, we discuss the things happening in NXT, including the return of Hideo Itami at a live event. Then, we get into the final Lucha Underground show before Ultima Lucha Dos.

After that, it is all about TNA Impact Wrestling. Finally, we get into our W2M Power Rankings, plus we have our Match and Wrestler of the Month for June 2016 too.

---------------------- Time Stamps ------------------

(10:00-57:20) Wrestling News: Ricochet going to WWE, Stardom World starts up, first 16 announced for BOLA, WWE holding off on Moose, WWE interested in Mascara Dorada and more.

(57:20-1:17:45) WWE NXT
(1:17:45-1:29:19) Lucha Underground

(1:29:19-1:47:50) NJPW G1 Climax 26 Full Match Card Breakdown

(1:47:50-2:03:20) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:03:20-End) Superstar of the Week and Wrestler and Match of the Month for June 2016


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 200 Pt 2: Roman Reigns Suspended, added WWE PPV’s, CWC, More

On this W2M episode, we discuss the big news that broke on Tuesday of Roman Reigns Suspended 30 days for his first WWE Wellness Policy violation. Did WWE know before RAW aired? How does this impact the company and Reigns the wrestler? Will this hurt the WWE Battleground PPV and the upcoming WWE Draft? We discuss all things involving this big deal and more.

We also talk about the list that shows there will be more WWE PPV’s. Do we think there will be 18-20 shows a year now? Is this really a

good idea for WWE to do? Could they run into a burnout situation? We think the latter may be the case.

We start things discussing more wrestling news in “Quick Hits.” The WWE Cruiserweight Classic has their announce team. The WWE could be thinking about potential pricing tiers for the WWE Network. Ricochet still undecided on Lucha Underground. Ring of Honor heading to the FITE TV App. ACH set to make his debut in Pro Wrestling NOAH and much more.

Next, we discuss the happenings of NXT and Lucha Underground.

Then we get into a little TNA Impact Wrestling.

Finally, we do our W2M Power Rankings to end the show.

---------------------Time Stamps-------------

(8:10-1:09:05) Wrestling News: Roman Reigns Suspended. WWE going to two PPV's a month. Cruiserweight Classic has new announcements. ROH on FITE TV, Ricochet mulls over Lucha Underground, and more.

(1:09:05-1:16:16) WWE NXT
(1:16:16-1:26:55) Lucha Underground
(1:26:55-1:47:10) TNA Impact Wrestling
(1:47:10-End) Superstar of the Week


Wrestling 2 the MAX Special # 21: WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review

On our latest W2M Special, we are joined by the guys from Wrestling Unwrapped, Harry Broadhurst and Patrick Ketza, and also Tom Reese to discuss everything about WWE Extreme Rules 2016. We breakdown the matches, what we liked, what we didn’t like, we discuss the decisions and of course we have our final rating for the show as well. So, don’t miss our WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review.

After that, Tom sticks around to help us go through the first night of New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII

tournament, which includes the great main event between KUSHIDA and Kyle O’ Reilly.

Just F.Y.I. (New Japan posted the tournament matches for BOSJ Night 2 right before we started the podcast, so we will cover Night 2 and 3 together on tomorrow morning’s show, along with RAW, the Cody Rhodes release, and whatever else is going on in wrestling.

-------- Time Stamps -------

(1:00-1:59:30) WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review (This does include time spent with three different callers as we go through the matches. So, that's why this is a bit longer than usual.)

(1:59:30-End) NJPW BOSJ Night 1 Review


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 192 Pt. 1: Go-Home RAW to WWE Payback, Finn Balor Mind Games, NJPW House Show Reviews

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of W2M, where we examine the go-home edition of RAW. How did we like Stephanie McMahon’s return? Will the future of RAW really be decided at PayBack? Did the show make us interested in the PPV happening on Sunday? We discuss all of these things and of course have our final rating as well.

We also move into “Quick Hits” covering news from over the weekend. We talk about Finn Balor toying with the minds of the fans, Velvet Sky leaves TNA again, TNA will have a PPV

and it’s Slammiversary, EDGE and Christian Show may not go past Season 1, WWE Films snags Wesley Snipes, and a few other things.

We finish out looking at the two New Japan Road To Wrestling Dontaku shows from Saturday and Sunday too.

------------ Time Stamps ----------

(5:30-51:10) WWE RAW

(51:10-1:17:27) Wrestling News: Finn Balor will he or won't he go to the main roster after WWE PayBack, Velvet Sky leaves TNA, TNA has PPV again, WWE Films snags Wesley Snipes and more.

(1:17:27-End) New Japan Pro-Wrestling Road to Wrestling Dontaku 4.23 & 4.24 Thoughts

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Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 188: NXT Takeover Dallas Preview, Aztec Warfare II, NJPW Going Public & More

This week on W2M, we headline with a NXT Takeover Dallas Preview, we get super excited about Aztec Warfare II, New Japan still considering going public with an IPO, the continuing Road to Wrestlemania, and more.

Of course, we start things by discussing the wrestling news in “Quick Hits,” where we talk about Bobby Roode and Eric Young leaving TNA, TNA signing some new talent, a potential class action lawsuit for WWE over WWE Network Royalties, New Japan possibly doing shows in Australia and

New Zealand, Steve Corino doing the English commentary for Invasion Attack, Lucha Underground getting some new talent and a new TV spot, Speedball Mike Bailey legal issues, and a whole lot more.

We move on to answer our questions about WWE RAW and after that, we look at NXT as well.

Then we get into our NXT Takeover Dallas Preview

Finally, we talk about Lucha Underground, we discuss Impact on POP TV, we also talk about the international champion thing here too. We go on to ROH TV and end on our W2M Power Rankings (yes, we are actually ranking them this year.)

------------- Time Stamps -----------

(7:45-1:03:05) Wrestling News: Potential WWE Network lawsuit, Hulk vs. Gawker, Bobby Roode & Eric Young leave TNA, NJPW possibly going public, concussions, and more.

(1:03:05-1:45:25) WWE RAW
(1:45:25-1:58:10) WWE NXT

(1:58:10-2:10:30) WWE NXT Takeover Dallas Preview

(2:10:30-2:24:20) Lucha Underground: Aztec Warfare II
(2:24:20-2:42:15) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:42:15-2:49:09) Ring of Honor
(2:49:09-End) Superstar of the Week & Plugs


Wrestling 2 the MAX EXTRA # 27: WWE Roadblock Review & NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Cup Review

On this W2M EXTRA, we focus on three big things, a WWE Roadblock Review, the Road to Wrestlemania, and a NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Finals Review as well.

We begin by going over what happened at WWE Roadblock. We give our thoughts on the glorified house show from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Are people trying to make more out of this show than they should have? Does WWE have to make these shows mean more? Or are they fine just how they are?

We look at the build to Wrestlemania and if anything

could be changed before we get to the “show of shows.”

Finally, we discuss what happened on Sunday morning at the New Japan Cup 2016 Finals. What did we think of the show? Did the right person win the NJ Cup? Are we excited for Invasion Attack? What do we think about the outlook of New Japan going forward? We try to answer all of this and more.

---------- Time Stamps -------

(1:00-58:15) WWE Roadblock Review

(58:15-End) NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Finals Review