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Crossing The Line: #NFL Preview, New #JUSTSTOP!, Our “Way Too Early Regrets” of our “Way Too Early #NFL Predictions”

Crossing the Line comes your way! Join Keith Anthony Richards (@5280Keith) and Jesse Rosales (@5280Jesse) as they recap last week's NFL action (including #TNF), preview this upcoming week and discuss their "Way Too Early Regrets" from their "Way Too Early #NFL Season End Predictions." Plus, a new #JUSTSTOP! segment discussing why football players drop the ball before #CrossingTheLine. Also, #MLB Playoff Picture, #WorldCupofHockey, and #QuickFireQuestions!

Planning The Parade 09/21: Toronto FC draw, Blue Jays Stretch Run, Hockey

This week's Planning The Parade saw the guys talk about the Toronto FC came back against the New York Red Bulls and stole a crucial point to stay atop the Eastern Conference. Who's the newest toast of Toronto? 

The crew's favourite guest, Dan Riccio from Sportsnet's The Fan, host of TFC Pitchside. After covering all things Toronto FC, Dan and Artem chatted Blue Jays to get informed. Will the Blue Jays win the AL East? Do they even have a chance? What about small ball/long ball?  

Finally, the topic shifted to the World Cup of Hockey. Auston Matthews looks quite decent out there, but there's another Leaf who could make a huge impact for the Blue & White this year. Who's that? Which Leaf is ready to take the next step to become a key contributor?

The crew also debuted a new segment where they rated and predicted hypotheticals. Sounds very radio-esque. They thought they could try and be original, I suppose. 

All that and more, on Planning The Parade, the Toronto sports podcast.

Planning The Parade: Leafs Rookies Points, Toronto FC Championship? Blue Jays Pain

Artem and Arslan re-entered the room to discuss many things. Starting with the World Cup, Team North America garnered a lot of attention. Auston Matthews is the toast of Toronto at this time, and some of projected point totals for him and the Leafs' top two other prospects, William Nylander and Mitch Marner. 

The guys discussed what would be acceptable and exciting point totals for the rookies when this season is over. Would 49 points over 82 games for Matthews please Leafs fans? Would 45 points for Nylander please Leafs fans? How about Mitch Marner?

What are best case scenarios for all these rookies?

Which rookie do the guys love that will crack the Leafs defensive pairings?

Things are a lot more positive at BMO Field these days. And Heck no, we don't mean the Argos. Tehyre still irrelevant. We're talking about Eastern Conference leaders, Toronto FC. They defeated Chicago Fire last weekend and took over first place in the East. Who looked amazing for the Reds? What was the game like and what do we expect for their next game vs the Red Bulls of New York? Dan Riccio from Sportsnet's the Fan 590 joined the boys to explain more. 

Toronto are very much a championship calibre team, find out why in this week's Planning the Parade.

Finally, Artem put his expert hat on to discuss the Blue Jays and their woeful play as of late. After dropping two of three against the Boston Red Sox, things have been iffy as the Blue Jays have won one of two versus the Tampa Bay Rays.

All this and more, only on Planning the Parade

Planning The Parade: Toronto FC Eastern Contenders? Blue Jays Being Responsible

Toronto FC is on absolute fire at the moment. After winning results in their recent home stretch, TFC snagged another result against Real Salt Lake last night. With Will Johnson, Michael Bradley, Clint Irwin, and Benoit Cheyrou still out with injury, a make ship midfield of kids has been doing a fantastic job for the Reds.

Things get even better as Jozy Altidore is back from injury and combining well with Sebastian Giovinco. Are TFC MLS championship contenders? Legitimate contenders? Find out what the guys and special guest James Grossi from thinks. Which youngster impressed the guys the most?

Moving on from there, the guys welcomed Dan Riccio from The Fan 590 on Sportsnet radio. The MLB insider talked Aaron Sanchez, the trade deadline moves and assessed everything the Blue Jays are doing.

In the middle of that, the guys decided how to improve the 'fringe sport' of Soccer-Baseball. They put on their creative hats to figure out the best ways to make Soccer-Baseball a legitimate sport. One rule might have been to increase the intensity by executing the losing team's captain. Who knows what Mitchell gets up to on his free time?

For all that and more, tune into Planning the Parade!

Planning The Parade: Blue Jays Round-Up, Toronto FC Low-Point?

With sports season thinning out, Mitchell has spent most of his time playing Pokemon Go even though he still doesn't really understand how it works. Arslan, on the other hand, still has a Blackberry for some reason and can't play the game as a result. 

The boys then begrudgingly move on to sports, talking about Toronto FC's recent nightmare performance in San Jose. They try to understand what happened, and what impact it will have on the season going forward. 
They then bring on Sportsnet The Fan 590, and host of TFC Pitchside, Dan Riccio to talk about all things Toronto FC. The guys talk about whether Alex Bono should remain as the club's starting goalkeeper, questions about Greg Vanney as head coach, what's wrong with Sebastian Giovinco and transfer talk. Arslan is also "tarps off" for this segment, something he makes clear. 
Conversation then moves on to the Toronto Blue Jays, and the situations with both Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista ahead of the trade deadline. Bautista is set to return, and Riccio discusses where he thinks Joey Bats fits back into the lineup. They also get into talk about the Justin Smoak signing, and what this means long term for the Blue Jays. 
 The Toronto Raptors are next on the clock, and they recently had a strong showing in NBA Summer League before a controversial call knocked them out. Mitch and Arslan talk about players who impressed, and who may be in line to get more time from the Raptors this season. 
Finally, they wrap up with some hockey talk. They discuss the recent trade between the Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers, and what it means for both teams. Then it is a fantasy conversation about whether Nylander of Marner will turn out to be the better NHLer, yup we are at that point of the NHL season. 

Planning The Parade: Penguins Cup Win, JVR Trade, Blue Jays Failure

This week’s “Planning the Parade” saw Mitchell Tierney and Arslan Siddiqui talk about Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup win. The Penguins have alarming topics to address this off-season. With starting netminder Marc-Andre Fleury in the backseat in the Penguins goaltending picture, and Matt Murray the cup-winning goalie, the boys discuss whether to trade the life-long Penguins goaltender.


Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos recently brought up the idea of trading elite center Evgeni Malkin to evolve the Penguins and move them forward. Is strengthening on defense and deflecting the cap crunch important for the Penguins? Or should they hang on to the core and hope to win a cup again?


The Leafs gave up on Phil Kessel last year, which was the unanimously correct decision. But Arslan chose to ask the question, “Did Toronto really need to Trade Phil Kessel?” Why couldn’t he be a support piece in Toronto? He didn’t HAVE to be the core piece in Toronto, did he? How about James Van Riemsdyk? Various reports show the New York Islanders making their first round pick available, with JVR a target. Leafs fans, do you want him to be traded?


The boys welcomed special guest Neil Shyminsky, college professior at Cambrian College and big-time Baseball fan, to talk Toronto Blue Jays. Aaron Sanchez is poised to join the bullpen, the Jays are very much on fire, but Arslan brings out the ‘Debbie downer’ in him to talk about a problem in this organization. Do the Blue Jays really have winning aspirations? Comparing every move to the Sox, Yankees etc, the Jays simply haven’t showed as much aspirations as the rest of the MLB.


Toronto FC take on the LA Galaxy this weekend, a team they haven’t beat in five meetings. They’re winless in four games. With Bradley and Altidore out, facing a tough LA Galaxy team, Toronto are very much in tough. Can the Reds grab a point?


Also, find out more about Spider mating season and Steph Curry’s mouthguard.

Crowding the Plate Episode 1: MLB Season Preview

In the pilot episode of Crowding the Plate, Joe Hojnacki and Greg Hessen preview the impending MLB season and give their predictions for who will win each division, who will play in the World Series, and, of course, who will win the whole thing.

Football 2 Futbol Special: 2015 MLB Baseball Playoffs Preview

This is a special edition of the podcast where Sean & Randy will be joined by a few guests to break down the wildcard match-ups and the divisional match-ups, as well as give predictions for the MLB Baseball Playoffs.

Brandon Biskobing, Antonio "Pacman" King, and Christopher Bernard all return to help out Sean and Randy to do a MLB Baseball Playoff Preview.

After the first match-ups are broken down, everyone goes around the horn making predictions all the way up until a World

Series champion is crowned.

We also take a look back at some of the big storylines of the season and more.

Football 2 Futbol: AFC North Division Preview & MLB Trade Deadline Talk

This week, we are doing an AFC North Division Preview.

But first, we begin by talking about the NFL upholding Tom Brady's Deflategate suspension, Sheldon Richardson evading arrest, the destruction of cellphones, Le'veon Bell's suspension lowered and more.

Then Randy discusses the big events from the MLB Baseball Trade


We finish things off with our AFC North Division Preview where we have representatives of all four teams. Samuel Beckenstein for the Cleveland Browns, Chris AsBrock for the Cincinnati Bengals, Mike Mitchell for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Robert Hagan for the Baltimore Ravens. They talk about the teams, what their overall records will be and more.

Football 2 Futbol: AFC West Division Preview & Big XII Conference Preview

Sorry we had to take a week off last week, but we just had a lot of conflicts get in the way that prevented us from doing the podcast. 

We begin covering some NFL news, such as the latest on Jason Pierre Paul and his finger, the passing of Kenny Stabler, the numerous suspensions that have happened and more. We also get into some NBA free agency talk with the DeAndre Jordan fiasco and more. 

We have our first NFL division preview of the season, where we do an AFC West preview. We have Steven Davis representing the Denver Broncos and Christopher Hale representing the Oakland Raiders.

For each division preview, we are doing an interview with a fan from at least two of the teams in each division. For some divisions we might have every team represented and for some, it might only be two. It just depends on who is available. 

Randy goes into his Infield Fly segment discussing the new rules for the Homerun Derby and previewing the Cardinals and Pirates weekend series. 

Then to finish it off, we have our first NCAA Football Conference preview, where we do a Big XII preview. Randy discusses what he thinks of the teams and gives his thoughts on a final ranking for them as well.

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