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Football 2 Futbol: NFL Divisional Round Review & Cam Newton

We kick things off today by doing a NFL Divisional Round Recap of the four games played over the weekend. We discuss the keys to the win and the loss, any concerns we have for the four remaining teams, and look ahead to the Championship Games as well.

We do weave in discussions on the Doug Pederson hire by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tennessee Titans retaining Mike Mularkey as well.

We then finish things out by having a discussion about Cam Newton throwing away the 12th man flag, and if

the NFL needs more players like Cam that have fun and celebrate more.

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(3:05-1:08:57) NFL Divisional Round Recap, Doug Pederson & Mike Mularkey, Concerns for remaining teams

(1:08:57-End) Discussion about Cam Newton throwing away the Seahawks 12th Man Flag, and if the NFL needs more players like how Cam Newton is on and off the field.


Football 2 Futbol: National Championship Game, NFL Wildcard Weekend Recap, & NFL News

We kick things off today, with a short post-game discussing the College Football National Championship game, which Alabama won 45-40 over the Clemson Tigers. We discuss why Alabama won and why Clemson lost and also discuss where this puts Nick Saban in the annals of coaching.

We move on to breakdown what happened over the weekend in the National Football League, with our NFL Wildcard Weekend Recap. We discuss each game, talk about what stood out to us about each of the winning teams, some of

the controversies, and what to expect coming up in the Divisional Round.

Finally, we end things by discussing some more coaching changes and the latest NFL news.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview, Coaching Changes, and National Championship Game Preview

We kick things off tonight by discussing all of the coaching changes and decisions by teams, including the surprise firing of Lovie Smith, Tom Coughlin stepping down, Sean Payton staying in New Orleans and more.

Then we transition to going game by game and doing a NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview, discussing each game, going over strengths and weaknesses of each team and also giving out predictions for them as well. We also go ahead and give predictions for the rest of the NFL Playoffs here as


Finally, we spend a little time talking about the National Championship Game that happens on Monday night.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 15 Recap, Lions vs. Saints MNF Post-Game, & CFB Bowls

We kick things off with a short post-game for the Monday Night Football shootout between the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints (6:00-17:10.) Even though it didn't matter for playoff contention, there are questions facing the coaching staffs for both teams. We try to answer those as well as discuss some key points about the game as well.

After that, we get into the main portion of our program with our NFL Week 15 Recap (17:10-1:18:44) where we discuss all the games, breakdown the keys

to the win and the loss, answer questions about the teams that matter, and look at some other things too. Don't miss our NFL Week 15 Recap.

Randy goes through the College Bowl games that have happened to this point and we make predictions from the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl until the Bowl (1:18:44-1:25:07) and leave the rest for our NFL Week 16 Preview podcast on Thursday morning.

Finally we end things with a look at our NFL Pick'em standings, Gary's Top 5 Fantasy Football pickups for the Championship games, our Top 5 Power Rankings, and our Player of the Week (1:25:07-End)


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 12 Recap, Ravens vs. Browns MNF Post-Game, & College Football Week 13

We kick things off today with a short post-game on the Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns Monday Night Football game (5:45-20:20.) The game was a close one up to the final play and the Browns even had to bring in Austin Davis to replace Josh McCown. Should the Browns just use these final games to evaluate Austin Davis instead of even thinking about Johnny Manziel? Who should Baltimore Ravens fans and coaches be looking at as nice pieces for next season? We discuss these things and more.

Then we get into the main portion of our program with our NFL Week 12 Recap (20:20-1:35:35.) Where we go game by game discussing the keys to the wins and losses. We also ask questions about all the teams that played and take a look at the muddy playoff picture in both conferences. Who could be those wildcard teams at the end of the season? We try to figure out that out and more.

Randy takes us through the final proper week of the College Football (1:35:35-1:41:50) season and we take an early look at some of the Conference Championship games too.

We finish things out with Gary's Fantasy Football pickups for Week 13, our Top 5 Power Rankings, and our Player of the Week as well (1:41:50-End.)


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 10 Recap, Examining the Week 11 Quarterback Changes & What is a NFL Catch?

We apologize for coming out a day later than usual, Sean had another internet outage on Monday that wasn't fixed until Tuesday morning. At least we have a podcast for you though. 

We start things right off with our NFL Week 10 Recap (4:35-1:21:45) looking at all the games, probably running through them a lot faster than usual, but still answering questions about each team and before we finish with that, we do a preview for the Thursday Night tilt (1:21:45-1:25:25) between the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars, which one of the two young QB's will lead their team to an important AFC South divisional win?  Find out who we choose right here. 

After that, we discuss the one year suspension of Aldon Smith and also take a look at all of the Quarterback changes (1:25:25-1:55:45) made this week, which one will yield the most positive results?  Could we see one of these guys become a permanent starter?  How long should the Denver Broncos sit Peyton Manning?  From Case Keenum to Brock Osweiler, we discuss all of those players and more. 

Randy takes us through the third College Football Playoff Rankings (1:55:45-2:00:55) and we take a look back at another crazy week on the University Gridiron. 

We move along to Gary's Fantasy Football pickups, the Top 5 Power Rankings, and the Player of the Week (2:00:55-2:11:00)

We end things with a discussion on "what exactly is a NFL catch" and examine some controversial plays and if they were actually a "catch" or not (2:11:00-End) 

Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 9 Recap, Bears vs. Chargers MNF Post-Game, & College Football Week 10

We kick things off today with a short post-game on the close one between the Chicago Bears and the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football (3:10-16:00) Did the Bears just give themselves life in the NFC North with that win? What do you do at this point if you are the Chargers at 2-7? We ponder those questions and more.

Then we get into the meat of our show, with a NFL Week 9 Recap (16 mins - 1 hour and 32 mins) where we discuss the ins and outs of all the games that took place on

Sunday. Who looks good? Who looks bad? We answer questions about each team that played and also do a short preview for the TNF game between the Bills and Jets as well.

We round things out with Randy leading everyone through a look at the big match-ups in College Football Week 10 (1 hour and 32 mins - 1 hour and 38 mins.) After that we finish it out with Gary's Fantasy Football Pickups, the Top 5 Power Rankings, and our Player of the Week (1 hour and 38 mins- End.)