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Last Word SC Radio: USWNT Olympics Analysis with Rachael Kriger

What's up Internet? Last Word SC Radio is back for the second time this week because USWNT Olympics aren't going well. Rachael joins Matt to break down the three group stage games and what they mean, individually and collectively. 

We discuss what the team's done well and poorly. The duo look ahead to the quarterfinals with an eye on the USA vs. The Netherlands match. Rachael gives us some Round Table updates on NWSL and the coaching carousel. We end the show with our predictions for the USWNT game against the Dutch. 

MnM Hockey Podcast: Seattle Kraken Draft and Free Agency Preview

Alex and Chace are back with an absolutely loaded schedule this week. In one of their longest episodes ever, they go through everything that has taken place since last week. Unfortunately, they need to start with some news no one wants to discuss, but it is needed. Taking a look at the draft and a selection that did not need to be taken. After, they look at the Seattle Kraken Draft and give their takeaways on the players selected. Alex keeps going back to the theme of the team being OK but super underwhelming. Asking questions such as why didn't they make a single side deal?

Next, the guys take a look at a ton of signings and trades that have happened. This has been the craziest week or two in a long time in the NHL. With trades everywhere you look, there is no shortage of conversation. Alex and Chace give their thoughts on each one, and Alex specifically enjoys what the Arizona Coyotes are starting to do this offseason. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!

Activision Blizzard Lawsuit, Death’s Door, E-Football Goes F2P - VG2M # 282

In a week that's felt like it has gone on forever, there have been some great game releases such as Death's Door, Cris Tales, and The Last Stop, some exciting news like a Pokemon live-action series in development at Netflix, and then the absolutely horrifying news involving Activision Blizzard and the lawsuit from the State of California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

All of this will be discussed on this episode along with big announcements from the EA Play Live event including the official reveal of the long-rumored Dead Space remake, GRID Legends being the first Codemasters game under the EA banner, EA Originals getting a major spotlight, and what's going on with Battlefield 2042 as well.

Plus, could Konami start a new trend with eFootball in making sports games fully embrace the "games as a service" and forgo the yearly model? Or is this Konami just doing something different to compete with EA's FIFA series?

Sean discusses playing all three of the games mentioned above and more Scarlet Nexus. All while Marc has final thoughts on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and he starts playing Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, and more.

Time Stamps:

Games We Are Playing: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, Death's Door, Cris Tales, The Last Stop (2:50)

EA Play Live Thoughts: GRID Legends, EA Originals, Dead Space Remake (28:00)

Quick Hits of News (38:30)

Major Topic: Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Discussion (50:00)

Major Topic 2: Konami Makes eFootball (PES) Free to Play (1:22:35)

Upcoming Games (1:36:30)



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Sean's Chicory: A Colorful Tale Review:

Last Word SC Radio: USMNT Jamaica and Gold Cup Semifinals

What's up Internet? This week on Last Word SC Radio, Dan, Rachael, and Matt are hopping with joy. The trio recaps the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup with an emphasis on the USMNT Jamaica game. 

We recap Mexico looking good against Honduras. Dan pours one out for El Salvador against Qatar. We clap for Canada. Then we do USMNT Player Stonk Up and Down. 

The show ends with Gold Cup Semifinals Pick 'Ems. 

Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 107): Jalen Ramsey vs. Tom Coughlin! Plus, Why the Jimmy Garoppolo Contract Was An Avoidable Catastrophe

In this abbreviated episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives back into the seemingly one-sided Jalen Ramsey-Tom Coughlin beef. He also touches on the issues facing Green Bay’s front office, comments on the failed “Stafford to San Francisco” deal, and tap dances around delving too deep into the recent Richard Sherman arrest. Enjoy the show and join us on August 21st for the following episode!

Last Word on Sens Podcast: Ottawa Senators Offseason Preview with Graeme Nichols

Alex is back with another podcast and today he has Graeme Nichols returning. Graeme was last one before the Sens season began to preview what it would look like. Now, the two take a look at the Ottawa Senators Offseason. They begin by looking at the expansion draft and who Ottawa may lose. Little did they know that those picks would all be reported before the draft even happened.

However, they move on to looking at free agency and exactly what this summer has in store. An interesting debate arises about how to build the team and how to balance going for it and not blocking prospects. From there, they also discuss what Ottawa's possible draft possibilities are. As well as discussing why this could be one of the more open drafts we have seen in quite some time. Finally, they both give their thoughts on the Pierre McGuire hire and where the Sens front office is going. 

Last Word SC Radio: Gold Cup Quarterfinals Preview

What's up Internet? This week on Last Word SC Radio, Matt and Dan are back. We pod live as the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup finishes up. We preview the Gold Cup Quarterfinals, focusing on the USMNT and where their individual player stonks are at. 

The guys take a look at recent MLS news with Atlanta United sacking Gabriel Heinze. Matt talks about the Deathloons ending the Seattle Invincibles. Dan gives some news on the Sporting KC COVID front. 

In the Round Table, we do MLS and Gold Cup Pick 'Ems. 

During this episode, we talk about Venezia FC and Ted Lasso. Here's the links to the stuff we referenced during those discussions. 

MnM Hockey Podcast - NHL News Before the Expansion Draft

The guys are back and will have two podcasts in one week! Today, they take a look at all the NHL news that has happened since they recorded last week. They were originally going to wait for the Kraken expansion draft, but there was just too much going on. Instead, the guys look at trades, signings, rumours and more that have taken place over the last seven days or so.

One of the biggest pieces of NHL news was that Ryan Ellis would be on the move. The guys take a look at the trade and give their thoughts. Alex has been banging the drum that Nashville should rebuild for a while now, so he is happy with what is taking place. As well, they look at the Toronto Maple Leafs trading Jared McCann and try to figure out why they bothered to expose him right after. Chace has some big questions about whether or not it makes sense to do a side deal when a better option may have been available regardless. Tune in for all of that and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!

Are We Excited About The Steam Deck? Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, No Switch Pro? - VG2M # 281

Ubisoft announces their new game XDefiant, a 6 vs 6 multiplayer shooter with factions from various Tom Clancy games. Nintendo actually acknowledges rumors only to shoot them down. Could they be serious about no other Switch models? Yeah... about that.

Also, the Steam Deck is seriously a thing and it has gotten everyone riled up about everything from emulation to portable PCs to even being a "Switch Killer." Don't really think that the last one is going to happen, but preorders did drop for it and a few of the SKU's have already been delayed.

Speaking of delays, there have been a few of those. But there's also been the announcement of Company of Heroes 3, the purchase of Sumo by Tencent, possible proof that the Metroid Prime Trilogy is ready for Switch, Netflix getting into gaming, the NPD numbers for June 2021, and much more.

Also, Marc Morrison finally beat Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and It Takes Two. He got to play some Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as well and he talks about why it didn't quite jive with him. Sean Garmer had a week off from games pretty much, as he's been trying to knock out some written reviews.


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MnM Hockey Podcast - NHL Offseason Insanity

Alex and Chace are back and the NHL Offseason is here! It is already one of the busiest starts we have seen in a long time. The guys had a week off and now have plenty to catch up on. It's a longer episode and a heated one too. First, they recap the Stanley Cup Finals and look at where each team goes from here. After that, they shift to a load of news that has broken over the past week, specifically the last 48 hours.

Some new deals were signed such as Travis Dermorr, Joel Eriksson Ek, and even a non-player in Pierre McGuire. However, some incredibly confusing moves were made, which included Duncan Keith, Ryan Suter, and Zach Parise. The guys give their thoughts on all of them and if they understand what was happening or not. Alex and Chace also look forward to what may be the craziest NHL offseason this sport has ever seen. Tune in for all of that and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!

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