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MnM Hockey Podcast - Early Season Takeaways and COVID Issues

The guys are back and once again there is hockey to discuss! Alex and Chace focus on some early storylines from this NHL Season. Discussing the Ian Cole trade and why Alex doesn't like it. As well, what has happened with the Vancouver Canucks? A team that both Alex and Chace weren't super high on as performed way below expectations. And it's not just the minor players not playing well enough.

They discuss a Pierre-Luc Dubois trade and why benching him made sense. This was before the massive blockbuster for Patrik Laine was pulled off. So those thoughts will be on next week's episode of the MnM Hockey Podcast. Finally, Alex and Chace take a look at what's happening in the Central, East, and West divisions in this early season. Including players on the COVID Protocol list and how it might affect their team going forward. Plus, they discuss if there are any better ways to deal with COVID outbreaks other than cancelling games. 

Xbox Changes and Then Reverses Course on Xbox Live Gold Pricing, Resident Evil 8 Demo (Maiden) - Video Games 2 the MAX # 258

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison start out by giving out their reactions to the Resident Evil Village: Maiden PS5 demo. What they liked about the setting and story aspects of it and also wonder what the story could actually be about as you move further into the game itself. In this section there’s also discussion on the rest of the Resident Evil Showcase reveals which were not as glamorous or meaningful.

Marc also talks about playing some Immortals Fenyx Rising and how he’s enjoying it, but that it also feels empty and flying isn’t the best. The guys also give some thoughts on the major praise Hitman 3 has received. Plus, thoughts on the news about Resident Evil 4 Remake being switched to Capcom Division 1 as they figure out what’s the best course to take on it.

After that, it is all about the drama surrounding the price increase to Xbox Live Gold and the eleventh-hour decision to reverse it. While also subsequently making free-to-play games actually free without having to pay the subscription fee to play them. They also ponder the need for a subscription to play online at this point? And Sean really wishes that Microsoft would implement a family plan out of all this.

In sadder news, Vicarious Visions' entire studio was merged into Blizzard and now the studio responsible for the Tony Hawk 1 + 2 Remasters is essentially no more and now just supporting Blizzard on their projects. Marc is very bummed about this, as Activision had the chance to have a studio that could create an original project and chose otherwise. Could there be something going on at Blizzard?

Finally, Puzzle Quest 3 is announced, Gabe Newell wants Valve to make more single-player games, and how Marc feels this is a hollow sentiment. While Sean thinks that they should be given the benefit of the doubt. Also, the retirement of Takaya Imamura and his legacy at Nintendo.


Opening Stuff

Games We Are Playing:

Resident Evil 8 Demo: Maiden and thoughts on the RE Showcase (3:05)

Immortals Fenyx Rising (11:50)

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game - Complete Edition (16:32)

Hitman 3’s Reception (19:20)


Resident Evil 4 Remake Changes development teams amidst disagreement over direction (23:17)

Peter Moore comes back to gaming and joins Unity Games (49:19)

Puzzle Quest 3 Announced (1:01:34)

Uncharted Movie Delayed Again to February 2022 (1:04:53)

Takaya Imamura retiring at Nintendo (1:15:20)
Major Topics:

Microsoft raises Xbox Live Gold prices and then reverses the decision (29:38)

Vicarious Visions is merged into Blizzard Entertainment (50:55)

Gabe Newell wants more single-player games for Valve (1:08:05)

Ending Stuff and Upcoming Games (1:19:33)

Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 99): NFL Championship Weekend Preview! Plus, Why Philip Rivers is Closer to the “Hall of Very Good” than the Hall of Fame

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL Championship weekend matchups. He also discusses why the Ravens keep having solid seasons only to come up short in the playoffs, wonders if Drew Brees shouldn’t put off retirement and give it one more go in 2021, and touches on how wild the QB market may be this offseason. Enjoy the show and join us on Saturday for the following episode!

Last Word on Habs Pod: New Look Montreal Canadiens

The Last Word on Habs Pod is brought to you by the Last Word on Sports Network. Co-hosted by the LWOH Montreal Canadiens team manager Connor Lapalme and Johannes Wheeldon, it is a weekly look at the Habs and features guests from the Last Word on Sports community and others. Join us for smart takes, controversial opinions, and news you can use about the Montreal Canadiens.

Last Word on Habs Pod: New Look Montreal Canadiens

The guys are back for the 2021 Habs season! A bit later than usual but we've never done this during a pandemic. Since it's been a hot minute, the guys discuss the new-look Montreal Canadiens and if they like the moves made in the off-season. Then they give some predictions for the year.

Since the guys are a bit late, there are already some games to discuss. Do the new-look Habs look any different from when we last saw them? With the new alignment, are the guys excited to see the same team nine times throughout the season? Will it lead to new and heated rivalries?

All this and Habs rumors, COVID life, cross-checking, memorable moments from the first three games, and much much more!



Thanks to Ethan Meixsell, Topher Mohr and Alex Elena, and Silent Partner for their musical contributions to the Last Word on Habs Pod.

The Last Word on Habs Podcast is brought to you by the Last Word on Sports Network. Co-hosted by the Montreal Canadiens team managers Connor Lapalme and Johannes Wheeldon, it is a weekly look at the Habs, news, notes, arguments, and aspirations. It features guests from the Last Word on Sports community.

Johannes Wheeldon is a father, author, college professor, and criminal justice consultant. Mostly he is a Habs fan with plenty of opinions. Contact him on Twitter @justicelawdev.

Connor Lapalme is a writer and editor of the Last Word on Hockey. A passionate Hockey and Habs fans, Connor is never afraid to share his opinion. Contact him on Twitter @Connor_Lapalme.

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LWSC Radio: 2021 MLS SuperDraft, Off-Season Moves

What's up Internet? This week on Last Word SC Radio, Matt and Dan have much MLS off-season news to discuss. We talk about the 2021 MLS SuperDraft, the state of the MLSPA CBA negotiations, and the CF Montreal rebrand. 

In the Round Table, we discuss all things with coaches getting hired and players moving clubs. 

Last Word on Sens Podcast: Toronto Thoughts and Winnipeg Jets Series Preview

Alex is back and there are actual hockey games to discuss for once! For the first time, Alex can discuss the Ottawa Senators and their on-ice play. He is joined by Brandon of Sens Talk and the two take a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs review and their two-game series. Ottawa and Toronto took a split which Alex thinks is a solid start. The two discuss who they thought looked good in Ottawa's first two games this year. They also discuss who didn't look so strong and if they expect more from them or not.

From there, the two take a look at the line combos from today. Alex and Brandon discuss if they like or dislike them and what they would change. They also preview the next three games which are all against the Winnipeg Jets. Discussing why Ottawa has a chance to take some points here and what they need to do for success. 

Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 98): NFL Divisional Weekend Preview! Plus, Why the Ravens Win Last Week Should Have the Saints on Upset Alert

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL Divisional weekend matchups. He also discusses some questionable coaching decisions from Wild Card weekend, provides an in-depth look at why the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t who many people think they are (anymore), and can’t help but go on a rant about the Deshaun Watson situation in Houston. Enjoy the show and join us on Saturday for the following episode!

Lucasfilm Games is Back, Another Cyberpunk 2077 Apology, GameXplain Reveals Game Review Crunch- Video Games 2 the MAX # 257

On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX hosts Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison enjoy the return of the full-fledged gaming news week, as this week featured quite a lot to talk about from various spectrums from another Cyberpunk 2077 apology to the return of Lucasfilms Games. The guys get to it all and still find time to talk some Wandavision at the end too.

Firstly though it is about actually playing video games. Sean and Marc describe the folly of playing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Game - Complete Edition in four-player co-op. Marc also talks about why he may not be the biggest fan of the game. Sean is enjoying the Little Nightmares II demo too.

Sales charts from the entirety of 2020 are out and the duo discusses the insanity of how the Nintendo Switch has succeeded and how they could continue that in 2021. While also examining what could be left as far as Wii U ports to bring over now that Super Mario 3D World is getting its time in the spotlight very soon. They also discuss some of the reveals from the latest trailer for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

Lucasfilm Games is back and is now the reservoir for everything that is Star Wars gaming related. Also, a Bethesda studio, Machine Games, is working on an Indiana Jones game. Is there anything to expect from the makers of the new Wolfenstein titles getting into more Adventure type games? Plus, they tackle the argument of exclusivity again too. Furthermore, what type of Star Wars game is Ubisoft making with Massive tasked with the game. Could it really be “The Division: Star Wars?”

CD Projekt Red issued another apology for Cyberpunk 2077 this time in video form from Co-Founder and CEO Marcin Iwinski. However, the length of the video gave way to saying too much and led to more lies and blame-shifting on quality assurance. What does it say about the road map including free DLC before the next-gen console versions?

Also, a revealing article by Patrick Klepek at Waypoint features four former GameXplain channel employees discussing various stories from their time working there. Many of them utterly damning, especially what Steve Bowling went through in reviewing Final Fantasy VII Remake. While this is an extreme and saddening example, it does show the disconnect between short embargo times and the length of AAA games.

Sean discusses how boss Andre Segers is squarely to blame for many of the travesties in the article. And why trying to get a game review out by a certain date should be relaxed more. Focusing more on the health of workers instead.

They also end the show by giving thoughts on Wandavision and discuss upcoming games.


Games We Are Playing:

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Game - Complete Edition (3:20)

Little Nightmares II: The Demo (12:30)

Major Topics:

Nintendo Switch Keeps Selling, What Wii U ports are left (15:30)

Lucasfilm Games returns, Could Indiana Jones be exclusive? What kind of game will the Ubisoft Star Wars game be? (31:25)

Another Cyberpunk 2077 apology and the future roadmap (49:45)

Andre Segers bad management with the GameXplain channel reveals the dark side of game reviews (1:07:00)


The Super Nintendo World opening and Hogwarts Legacy are delayed (45:05)

Super Mario 3D World Red and Blue Switch (57:45)

New Pokemon Snap has a release date of April 30, 2021 (59:35)

Mass Effect Remastered release date possibly in March 2021 (1:00:55)

Josef Fares Makes Fun of Xbox System Names (1:01:15)

Take-Two officially out of the Codemasters race (1:06:00)

The Killzone website was retired by Sony (1:32:45)

Importing Hitman 1 & 2 into Hitman 3 on PC is price gated (1:34:15)

Ending Section:

Wandavision Thoughts and Upcoming Games (1:37:50)

Required Reading: (We do not talk about the article in this show. But linking it because I mentioned I would.)

MnM Hockey Podcast - NHL Storylines to Watch with Jeff Veillette

Alex and Chace are back and so is hockey! The season is finally here and there will be games to talk about. However, the guys wanted to do one last episode highlighting big narratives and storylines heading into this NHL season. Today, they do just that by listing what they're most excited to keep an eye on. As well, Jeff Veillette of the Faceoff Circle joins them! 

The three take a look at a very wide range of topics. Including what will COVID-19 protocols look like and how will the league handle cancelled games? As well as discussing who the fourth team in the West will be and if it is obvious or will it be a close race? They also discuss the North division and what to expect this season from a bunch of the teams. Alex asks the question will the pressure be an issue for the Toronto Maple Leafs? To which both Chace and Jeff answer with their thoughts. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!

Last Word on Sens Podcast: Ottawa Senators Season Preview

After six episodes of viewing the other teams in the North Division, it is finally time. Today, Alex takes a look at the 2021 Ottawa Senators season. Previewing everything that might come with it. To help him, he has Graeme Nichols joining him. The two start by going over the offseason one last time and giving their thoughts on different signings and additions Ottawa made. They also take a look at this training camp and some decisions made by the Senators that they agree and don't agree with.

One thing they agreed with was loading up the top six with all the talent they have. Brady Tkachuk, Josh Norris, and Drake Batherson look like they will form a first-line and Graeme highlights why that could be very successful. They also go over some depth choices and why it might be important to play some more kids eventually. 

As well, they examine the defence and why it might be a sour spot to watch this season. Finally, they highlight the goaltending and Alex makes a case for why it may be the year for Matt Murray to bounce back. 


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