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Wrestling 2 the MAX EP 205 Pt 2: Dragon Gate Kobe World 2016 Review, WWE Brand Split Week 1, More

July 31, 2016

Sorry for the delay, a technical issue with Sean's PC and his internet prevented us from getting this out until today. But our streak of not missing a show continues.

On this W2M episode, we discuss Dragon Gate for the first time ever on the podcast. This is a promotion Sean and Paul have enjoyed for quite a while and we are very excited to be able to give listeners a full Dragon Gate Kobe World 2016 Review. Don’t know if this will be a regular thing, but at least we can cover their

biggest show of the year right here.

However, we start the show with Gary discussing some thoughts on the first Smackdown Live of the “New Era.”

Then we get into the usual with the Wrestling News in “Quick Hits.” WWE released their most recent quarterly business numbers. WWE also confirmed they won’t be suspending Brock Lesnar. Lucha Underground announced they are returning on September 7 with Season 3. Alberto Del Rio possibly leaving WWE soon. Prince Puma appearing at AAA’s Triplemania, and more.

Next, we discuss WWE NXT and the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

After that, is where we get into the Dragon Gate Kobe World 2016 Review.

Then we cover TNA Impact Wrestling.

Finally, we give out our W2M Power Rankings to end the show.

---------------------- Time Stamps ----------------------

(7:30-17:00) Gary discusses his thoughts on Smackdown Live with Sean and Paul

(17:00-53:55) Wrestling News: Latest WWE Network numbers, Lucha Underground returns on September 7, Brock Lesnar not getting suspended, Prince Puma on Triplemania, and a lot more.

(53:55-1:08:35) WWE NXT
(1:08:35-1:22:50) WWE Cruiserweight Classic

(1:22:50-1:50:35) Dragon Gate Kobe World 2016 Review

(1:50:35-2:13:30) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:13:30-End) W2M Power Rankings