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Planning The Parade: Draft w/Scott Wheeler, Toronto FC, Stamkos Toronto Bound?

June 29, 2016

Arslan & Mitchell were back after a week hiatus to talk about the NHL Draft and all the trades that happened on this week's Planning The Parade. They also welcomed Pension Plan Puppets' Scott Wheeler, who gave them his opinion on all the players the Leafs drafted, and his opinion on the Freddie Andersen deal. Last Word On Sports' draft guru, Ben Kerr, also joined the boys to talk about the draft and the trend of picking over agers this year. The Leafs drafted FIVE over agers this year; it is very rare that a team even drafts one over agers in the draft. Why did the Leafs take this route?

Ben and Scott both threw their opinions in on where Stamkos will sign. Is Steven Stamkos actually Toronto bound? Who is the favourite? Which is the best team for Stamkos to sign for? Where should he sign? Mitchell & Arslan offer polarizing views. 

Finally, Arslan & Mitchell moved on to talk about Toronto FC's recent loss last weekend. While this was a heartbreaking result, Toronto FC might have a mercurial talent on their hands. Find out who could be a top Canadian striker for the Reds for years to come. The Reds also travel to Vancouver to play the final of the Voyageurs Cup. Finally, this weekend. Seattle Sounders make a visit to BMO field to take on Toronto FC. 

Get the low-down on the opposition and what kind of result Toronto could expect.

Planning the Parade, all things Toronto. check it out.