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Wrestling 2 the MAX Special # 16: WWE TLC 2015 Review & NXT Takeover London Preview

We are joined as usual by Wrestling Unwrapped podcast hosts Patrick Ketza and Harry Broadhurst to help us do a WWE TLC 2015 Review.

We discuss every single match from the bottom of the card all the way to the main event. What worked? What didn't? What were some of the matches to watch? And what is the final rating? We discuss all that and more in our WWE TLC 2015 Review 3:15- 1:53:30.)

Then stay tuned afterwards as the guys discuss the news of Mauro Ranallo joining WWE, ROH signing a

deal with PWG, and do a full preview of both NXT Takeover London (1:53:30-2:12:15) happening on Wednesday night and ROH Final Battle 2015 (2:12:15-End) happening on Friday night.

We will be back on Friday morning with W2M EP 174 where we will have a review of NXT Takeover London, the post ppv RAW, all the news from this week in wrestling, and more.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 172: WWE RAW Survey, Shinsuke Nakamura to WWE, & More

This week on W2M, we headline with more discussion about WWE RAW, as we take a look at what WWE asked their fan council earlier this week and we take the WWE RAW Survey ourselves to see what our thoughts are on it.

We start things off with the news in Quick Hits (10:15-46:45) by discussing WWE being interested in Shinsuke Nakamura and Jay Lethal, the Tomoaki Honma domestic violence situation, Dewey Foley joining WWE Creative, WWE adding lots of old territories to the WWE Network finally, the

deal with Melina and Lucha Underground, and a lot more.

We move on to answer our questions about WWE RAW (46:45-1:33:15,) after that we answer that WWE RAW Survey (1:33:15-1:46:50,) then we move on to discuss this week’s NXT (1:46:50-2:09:25) episode too.

We finish things out by looking at the current standings in the NJPW World Tag League (2:09:25-2:14:00) and then look at this week’s ROH TV (2:14:00-2:24:16,) TNA Impact Wrestling (2:24:16-2:29:00) and the continuing World Title Series, and of course the W2M Power Rankings as well. (2:29:00-End)