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Wrestling 2 the MAX EXTRA: WWE Mock Draft

We were rather fortunate with this W2M EXTRA, as literally hours before we were set to do our WWE Mock Draft, WWE released the official rules for the draft. Of course, the WWE Draft takes place on the first live Smackdown on Tuesday night.

So, we take our shot at trying to predict what’s going to happen with this WWE Mock Draft. Paul makes his return after his one week trip to reunite the W2M trio. However, to sort of mimic the commissioner and general manager scenario proposed on last week’s

WWE RAW, we’ve added a fourth person for this episode. Sean and Gary’s co-host on the Football 2 the MAX podcast Randy Isbelle.

How will the real WWE Draft rules affect this WWE Mock Draft? Will anyone decide to split tag teams? Who will be the six drafted from NXT? We try to figure it all out. Gary and Paul pick for RAW, (including the extra picks,) and Sean and Randy pick for Smackdown. If anything, this promises to be a fun special episode.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 202 Pt 2: The Final Deletion, Super J Cup, Ultima Lucha Dos, More

On this episode of W2M, we laugh, cry, and have a ton of fun with the FINAL DELETION on TNA Impact Wrestling. We also discuss TNA deciding to move to Thursday nights starting on July 21 too.

We also discuss the Super J Cup lineup. New Japan is thinking about doing their own show in the United States. There's also the first part of Ultima Lucha Dos as well.

We cover the rest of the wrestling news in "Quick Hits." WWE confirms Brock Lesnar's Summerslam opponent is indeed

Randy Orton. The Cruiserweight Classic Bracketology special was a hit. ROH announces an upcoming tour of England. WWE even has some comic books coming out soon.

After that, we get into NXT. Then there's Ultima Lucha Dos.

Next is the FINAL DELETION and the rest of TNA Impact Wrestling. Finally, we do our W2M Power Rankings to end the show.

------------- Time Stamps ----------

(10:00-50:45) Wrestling News: Super J Cup, Brock Lesnar's Summerslam Opponent, ROH going to the UK, Cruiserweight Classic Bracketology, WWE comics and more.

(50:45-1:05:45) WWE NXT
(1:05:45-1:14:00) Ultima Lucha Dos Pt. 1
(1:14:00-1:49:40) TNA Impact Wrestling: FINAL DELETION
(1:49:40-End) W2M Power Rankings


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 196 Pt 2: Smackdown going live, brand split returning, & NJPW BOSJ

On this episode of W2M, we dive in and discuss everything that is out there about Smackdown going live on July 19 and the brand extension. What does this mean for WWE? The USA Network? NXT? And even the wrestling world in general? We discuss the pros and cons of having a brand extension again and if going live is really going to make Smackdown feel special. What does WWE need to make it work this time? The answer might either be rather obvious or it might surprise you.

We also get into how

WWE could split the rosters, if there is going to be an intention to create two shows with different identities, or if it will be more of the same with exclusive rosters. Will five hours in two nights be too much for the casual WWE audience? There’s just so much to get into here that we waste no time getting into it.

There’s also some other wrestling news like Eden leaves WWE, the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup being set, CMLL bringing back the World Grand Prix, the latest on some WWE injuries, and more.

Sean recaps Smackdown, we have our discussions on NXT and Lucha Underground too.

The guys talk about the latest results from NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Tournament

Then they finish it out with TNA Impact Wrestling and the W2M Power Rankings as well.

--------- Time Stamps ----------

(2:00-1:00:00) WWE Smackdown goes Live and Brand Extension Returns Discussion

(1:00:00-1:12:15) Wrestling News: Eden asks for release, AAA Lucha Libre World Cup set, Sasha Banks cleared, CMLL World Grand Prix, & More

(1:12:15-1:31:00) WWE NXT
(1:31:00-1:43:00) WWE Smackdown
(1:43:00-1:53:00) Lucha Underground
(1:53:00-2:10:40) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:10:40-2:18:10) NJPW BOSJ Nights 4 & 5
(2:18:10-End) Superstar of the Week


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 196 Pt 1: WWE RAW after Extreme Rules, Cody Rhodes Released, & NJPW BOSJ Nights 2 & 3

On this episode of W2M, we discuss the RAW after Extreme Rules, the releases of Adam Rose and Cody Rhodes, the “Shane Tell-All” Podcast, the POP TV executive interview concerning TNA, and we also have our thoughts on what went down during Night Two and Three of NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Tournament as well.

We start out talking about all things WWE RAW, but we do it a little bit differently than we have since we started the two show format.

Then we move on to the wrestling news

in “Quick Hits,” where we discuss the releases of Cody Rhodes and Adam Rose, the POP TV executive interview, Sasha Banks having a concussion, and we have our thoughts on the Shane McMahon Tell-All Podcast.

Finally, we end things by looking at night two and three of the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXIII tournament.

---------- Time Stamps ----------

(5:50-51:45) WWE RAW in the new format

(51:45-1:09:25) Shane "Tell-All" Discussion

(1:09:25-1:40:50) Wrestling News: Cody Rhodes & Adam Rose Released, Ryback trolling, POP TV President positive on TNA, Sasha Banks injury and more.

(1:40:50-End) NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Night 2 & 3 Thoughts


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 195 Pt 2: WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Preview & NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Preview

On this episode of W2M, we have a full show packed with stuff to talk about. Two huge events occur this weekend, with WWE having their second PPV in the month of May fashioned after going hardcore. So, we do a WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Preview and give our predictions on that show. There’s also a thing called the Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Tournament that starts up on Saturday morning and ends on June 7. We give our predictions on who will win each block, exact points for every wrestler

involved, and ideas on who has the best chance to win it all. Paul also has his thoughts on Lions Gate Project2 show as well. Not to mention, all the wrestling news that’s come out in the last few days and more.

We start as always, with the wrestling news in “Quick Hits” discussing Vince selling a boat load amount of WWE stock, NXT Takeover: Revenge matches, more news on TNA and their current situation with TV, the release of Alex Reyes, some news coming out of Japan, and more.

Sean gives his short recap of WWE SmackDown and then we get into the WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Preview, then we finish up WWE talk with NXT.

We discuss what’s going on with Lucha Underground

After that, we go into a double dose of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, as Paul has his thoughts on the Lions Gate Project2 show and then we go into our big Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Preview.

We finish things out with TNA Impact Wrestling and of course our W2M Power Rankings.

---------------- Time Stamps --------------

(7:00-44:50) Wrestling News: Vince McMahon sells a lot of stock, TNA and POP TV situation, Alex Reyes released, NXT Takeover: Revenge, a possible storyline between Del Rio, Paige, and Charlotte, and more.

(44:50-55:40) WWE SmackDown

(55:40-1:17:05) WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Preview

(1:17:05-1:37:30) WWE NXT
(1:37:30-1:46:27) Lucha Underground

(1:46:27-1:50:25) Lions Gate Project2 Thoughts
(1:50:25-02:02:30) NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Preview

(02:02:30-02:20:00) TNA Impact Wrestling
(02:20:00-End) Superstar of the Week


Wrestling 2 the MAX Special # 20: WWE Payback 2016 Review

Another WWE PPV is in the books and now it is time for us to gather around and talk about what happened.

We are joined by the guys from Wrestling Unwrapped, Patrick Ketza and Harry Broadhurst, as per usual to breakdown and discuss everything in our WWE Payback 2016 Review.

What did we think of the show itself, the matches, the big decision about RAW, the latest on Enzo Amore, and more is discussed here. Not to mention, our final rating for the show as well.

We finish things out with some

banter about the first episode of Camp WWE too.


Wrestling Unwrapped Episode 12: The True Story of Wrestlemania DVD Review

It feels like after so many weeks talking about a single event, we here at WU would be tired of constantly talking about the "Showcase of the Immortals", but after all of this, there's still something special about the event, itself. So, we have decided to close this year's chapter of Wrestlemania by covering it's full length DVD set, the True Story of Wrestlemania.

A full 2 hour documentary kicks thing off covering the first 26 years of Wrestlemania, and tells a story

about each and every year, from technical difficulties (Wrestlemania 2), to drastic moves (Wrestlemania 7), to changings of the guard (Wrestlemania 14), with special focuses on certain key performers on the biggest stage. This is an unforgettable set.

Along with the documentary, we have a collections of 11 matches from the history of Wrestlemania, some of which are the most famous matches in WWE history. We'll talk a bit about each of them, some of which we have covered before.

And, of course, the Big Finish, where we talk about the best and worst matches on the set, and our cash and trash for this set. What moment will stand center stage in the main event? And what moment will be stuck in Hartford?

All of this and more as we go back to our beginnings and cover a full 3 disc set, with the True Story of Wrestlemania on WU

----------- Time Stamps -------------

(9:55-15:55) Match Results
(15:55-1:54:35) True Story of Wrestlemania Documentary Review
(1:54:35-2:14:55) Cash & Trash, Best & Worst Match
(2:14:55-End) Final Rating & Plugs


Wrestling Unwrapped Episode 11: WWE Wrestlemania 32

Sometimes, being at a show can give you a whole new perspective of a show. And sometimes, you can still see faults of a show even watching it unfold before your very eyes...

This week's show is going to be a little bit different, as WU talks about Wrestlemania 32, from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Featuring a main event that, just, yikes. And a confusing Hell in a Cell with control of a company on the line for one man versus a Wrestlemania career on the line for the other man, as

the Undertaker faces Shane McMahon, and a game changing match for the WWE Women's Championship as Charlotte faces Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch for the newly crowned title.

And, of course, there's our best and worst matches and our cash and trash. What moment left us cheering in the streets in Dallas, and what left us booing Roman Reigns?

All of that and more on this special edition of WU

--------------- Time Stamps ------------

(5:00-12:00) WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results

(12:00-2:05:00) WWE Wrestlemania 32 Review (Including Pre-Show Matches)

(2:05:00-2:26:50) Cash & Trash, Best & Worst Match

(2:26:50-End) Final Rating & Plugs


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 188: NXT Takeover Dallas Preview, Aztec Warfare II, NJPW Going Public & More

This week on W2M, we headline with a NXT Takeover Dallas Preview, we get super excited about Aztec Warfare II, New Japan still considering going public with an IPO, the continuing Road to Wrestlemania, and more.

Of course, we start things by discussing the wrestling news in “Quick Hits,” where we talk about Bobby Roode and Eric Young leaving TNA, TNA signing some new talent, a potential class action lawsuit for WWE over WWE Network Royalties, New Japan possibly doing shows in Australia and

New Zealand, Steve Corino doing the English commentary for Invasion Attack, Lucha Underground getting some new talent and a new TV spot, Speedball Mike Bailey legal issues, and a whole lot more.

We move on to answer our questions about WWE RAW and after that, we look at NXT as well.

Then we get into our NXT Takeover Dallas Preview

Finally, we talk about Lucha Underground, we discuss Impact on POP TV, we also talk about the international champion thing here too. We go on to ROH TV and end on our W2M Power Rankings (yes, we are actually ranking them this year.)

------------- Time Stamps -----------

(7:45-1:03:05) Wrestling News: Potential WWE Network lawsuit, Hulk vs. Gawker, Bobby Roode & Eric Young leave TNA, NJPW possibly going public, concussions, and more.

(1:03:05-1:45:25) WWE RAW
(1:45:25-1:58:10) WWE NXT

(1:58:10-2:10:30) WWE NXT Takeover Dallas Preview

(2:10:30-2:24:20) Lucha Underground: Aztec Warfare II
(2:24:20-2:42:15) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:42:15-2:49:09) Ring of Honor
(2:49:09-End) Superstar of the Week & Plugs


Wrestling Unwrapped Episode 9: WWF Wrestlemania X-7

What a difference one week can make. Exactly one week prior to WWF Wrestlemania X-7, there were three major American wrestling companies, and suddenly a week later, there's was only one left standing.

The top four stars are in the final two matches, in Undertaker vs. Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock, plus you have other huge matches like TLC2 and Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit, it's no wonder this event is held in such high regard. However, the question remains... will Vince McMahon be left as the April Fool when he takes on Shane in a street fight?

So, join us for a Wrestlemania X-7 Review, plus our Cash and Trash, best and worst match, and our final rating for the show as well.

------------ Time Stamps ----------

(7:30-2:03:25) Wrestlemania X-7 Review The Entire Card
(2:03:25-2:10:30) Best & Worst Match
(2:10:30-2:22:00) Cash & Trash
(2:22:00-End) Final Rating for the Show