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Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 13): NFL Week 12 Preview! Plus Nik Breaks Down the Dallas Cowboys Skid

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 12 matchups. He also compares the slumping Chiefs and Bills, discusses Minnesota’s “QB controversy,” and talks about what he likes to call “FitzMagic.” Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Football 2 the MAX: NFC South 2016 Preview

We continue with the NFC on Football 2 the MAX. This week, it is all about the NFC South. All four teams in this division are represented by Last Word on Sports Writers, which is a honorary first for us. Will Cotchery, Garrett Readling, Justin Halper and Dalton Tompkins help us cover the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers respectively.

Each person on the panel gives their full standings for the NFC South and overall records for each team. We also

do the same and give a final wrap-up on the division too. So, be sure to join us for this NFC South Division 2016 Preview.

------------------------- Time Stamps -------------------

(9:15-40:15 Includes interview and our analysis) New Orleans Saints

(40:15- 1:01:30 Includes interview and our analysis) Carolina Panthers

(1:01:30-1:23:20 Includes interview and our analysis) Atlanta Falcons

(1:23:20-End Includes interview and our analysis, plus final standings for division)


Football 2 the MAX: More Free Agency, 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis: Bucs & Panthers & March Madness Brackets

The craziness of free agency has calmed down, but we are still rolling along with our 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis series.

We have Last Word on Sports writer Dalton Tompkins discussing everything about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Robert Cooper talking about the Carolina Panthers.

We also go through some more NFL Free Agency signings, if Mark Sanchez could really start for the Denver Broncos, Martavais Bryant's one year suspension, Dak Prescott's DUI and how it affects his draft

status, and a lot more.

Plus we give you our 2016 NCAA March Madness brackets in the last 15 minutes of the podcast as well.

(3:45-23:20) More NFL Free Agency Talk, Martavais Bryant suspension, Mark Sanchez could he actually start at QB?

(23:20- 45:50 Includes interview) Tampa Bay Bucs

(45:50- 1:15:00 Includes interview) Carolina Panthers

(1:15:00-End) NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview, the Rams big move, & new coaching hires

We kick things off with a discussion on the move of the Rams back to Los Angeles and we also talk about all the recent coaching hires that have occurred since the last time we did a podcast. Can Hue Jackson really turn the Cleveland Browns around? Will the promotions for the Bucs and Giants really carry them to the next level? What about Chip Kelly in San Francisco? Does this mean Collin Kapernick is a Quarterback in the NFL again? We discuss all of this and more.

Then we finish things

out by doing our NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview. We look at each game, what are the keys for each team, what are some of the big injury concerns? How will they affect the teams? And of course we make predictions for each game as well.

(2:40-14:10) Discussion about Rams moving back to Los Angeles

(14:10-40:30) Talk about each coaching hire made since 1/11/16 and the news about Chris Mortensen

(40:30-End) NFL Divisional Round Preview discussing each game and making predictions.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview, Coaching Changes, and National Championship Game Preview

We kick things off tonight by discussing all of the coaching changes and decisions by teams, including the surprise firing of Lovie Smith, Tom Coughlin stepping down, Sean Payton staying in New Orleans and more.

Then we transition to going game by game and doing a NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview, discussing each game, going over strengths and weaknesses of each team and also giving out predictions for them as well. We also go ahead and give predictions for the rest of the NFL Playoffs here as


Finally, we spend a little time talking about the National Championship Game that happens on Monday night.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 15 Preview, Bucs vs. Rams TNF Post-Game, & College Bowls Part 1

We kick things off with a short post-game for the Thursday Night Football game between the Tampa Bay Bucs and the St. Louis Rams (4:55-13:00.) Did the Bucs take the Rams lightly? Have the Rams found their QB of the future in Case Keenum? Are the Rams doing the right thing in keeping Jeff Fisher? We discuss these things and more.

After that, we get into the main portion of our program with our NFL Week 15 Preview (13:00-1:04:00.) We discuss every single game from the NY Jets and Dallas

Cowboys Saturday clash to the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints game happening on Monday night, and everything in-between as well. We answer questions about the teams that matter, answer some tough playoff fantasy football questions, and of course make predictions on each contest too. So, make sure you listen to our NFL Week 15 Preview.

Then we finish things out by previewing the College Bowls that are happening from Friday afternoon to Wednesday night. So, that means we begin with the Celebration Bowl and end at the Miami Beach Bowl (1:04:00-End.) Then we do a few more when we return on Tuesday morning for the NFL Week 15 Recap podcast.