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Wrestling 2 the MAX EXTRA: WWE Mock Draft

We were rather fortunate with this W2M EXTRA, as literally hours before we were set to do our WWE Mock Draft, WWE released the official rules for the draft. Of course, the WWE Draft takes place on the first live Smackdown on Tuesday night.

So, we take our shot at trying to predict what’s going to happen with this WWE Mock Draft. Paul makes his return after his one week trip to reunite the W2M trio. However, to sort of mimic the commissioner and general manager scenario proposed on last week’s

WWE RAW, we’ve added a fourth person for this episode. Sean and Gary’s co-host on the Football 2 the MAX podcast Randy Isbelle.

How will the real WWE Draft rules affect this WWE Mock Draft? Will anyone decide to split tag teams? Who will be the six drafted from NXT? We try to figure it all out. Gary and Paul pick for RAW, (including the extra picks,) and Sean and Randy pick for Smackdown. If anything, this promises to be a fun special episode.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 196 Pt 2: Smackdown going live, brand split returning, & NJPW BOSJ

On this episode of W2M, we dive in and discuss everything that is out there about Smackdown going live on July 19 and the brand extension. What does this mean for WWE? The USA Network? NXT? And even the wrestling world in general? We discuss the pros and cons of having a brand extension again and if going live is really going to make Smackdown feel special. What does WWE need to make it work this time? The answer might either be rather obvious or it might surprise you.

We also get into how

WWE could split the rosters, if there is going to be an intention to create two shows with different identities, or if it will be more of the same with exclusive rosters. Will five hours in two nights be too much for the casual WWE audience? There’s just so much to get into here that we waste no time getting into it.

There’s also some other wrestling news like Eden leaves WWE, the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup being set, CMLL bringing back the World Grand Prix, the latest on some WWE injuries, and more.

Sean recaps Smackdown, we have our discussions on NXT and Lucha Underground too.

The guys talk about the latest results from NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Tournament

Then they finish it out with TNA Impact Wrestling and the W2M Power Rankings as well.

--------- Time Stamps ----------

(2:00-1:00:00) WWE Smackdown goes Live and Brand Extension Returns Discussion

(1:00:00-1:12:15) Wrestling News: Eden asks for release, AAA Lucha Libre World Cup set, Sasha Banks cleared, CMLL World Grand Prix, & More

(1:12:15-1:31:00) WWE NXT
(1:31:00-1:43:00) WWE Smackdown
(1:43:00-1:53:00) Lucha Underground
(1:53:00-2:10:40) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:10:40-2:18:10) NJPW BOSJ Nights 4 & 5
(2:18:10-End) Superstar of the Week


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 196 Pt 1: WWE RAW after Extreme Rules, Cody Rhodes Released, & NJPW BOSJ Nights 2 & 3

On this episode of W2M, we discuss the RAW after Extreme Rules, the releases of Adam Rose and Cody Rhodes, the “Shane Tell-All” Podcast, the POP TV executive interview concerning TNA, and we also have our thoughts on what went down during Night Two and Three of NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Tournament as well.

We start out talking about all things WWE RAW, but we do it a little bit differently than we have since we started the two show format.

Then we move on to the wrestling news

in “Quick Hits,” where we discuss the releases of Cody Rhodes and Adam Rose, the POP TV executive interview, Sasha Banks having a concussion, and we have our thoughts on the Shane McMahon Tell-All Podcast.

Finally, we end things by looking at night two and three of the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXIII tournament.

---------- Time Stamps ----------

(5:50-51:45) WWE RAW in the new format

(51:45-1:09:25) Shane "Tell-All" Discussion

(1:09:25-1:40:50) Wrestling News: Cody Rhodes & Adam Rose Released, Ryback trolling, POP TV President positive on TNA, Sasha Banks injury and more.

(1:40:50-End) NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Night 2 & 3 Thoughts


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 195 Pt 1: WWE RAW to Extreme Rules, Young Bucks, NJPW Lions Gate Project # 2 Preview

On this episode of W2M, we discuss TNA once again being late on paying people on their production staff, the Young Bucks being out of NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII tournament and who could replace them, whether or not wrestling has athletes anymore, Cedric Alexander possibly going to NXT and of course we cover the go-home RAW headed into WWE Extreme Rules 2016 and preview NJPW Lion’s Gate Project # 2 show that happens on Thursday morning as well.

First, we get into WWE RAW, then we

head into that wrestling news, and we end things with the preview of New Japan’s Lion’s Gate Project # 2 show.

---------- Time Stamps -----------

(8:30-1:01:20) WWE RAW
(1:01:20-1:15:32) Listener calls to give his thoughts on RAW

(1:15:32-1:49:25) Wrestling News: Young Bucks miss Best of the Super Juniors, TNA late on production pay, Cedric Alexander leaves ROH, wrestling not having athletes, Stephanie McMahon's book, and more.

(1:49:25-End) NJPW Lion's Gate Project # 2 Preview


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 193 Pt 2: ROH & NJPW Global Wars Preview, Ryback’s WWE Payscale Problems & More

On this episode of W2M, we breakdown and cover everything that happened on this year’s version of New Japan’s wrestling vacation in our NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016 Review.

We also discuss two hot button issues with RyBack’s Tumblr post about WWE’s pay scale and how it should be changed to a more equal system. Should WWE change their system to something more modern? Or is the old way with incentives the way to go? Will RyBack re-sign with WWE in the end?

There’s also the Cameron instagram

post about celebrities and cyber bullying. Does Cameron have a point here? Or does her being a public figure cause her to be excluded from this? Does she deserve all the hate she gets? We discuss all of this plus even more news.

Ring of Honor also has a big PPV with New Japan called Global Wars happening on Sunday and we have a Preview of that as well.

We of course begin things with Quick Hits, where we discuss the Ryback news, Cameron’s post, Octagon Jr. quitting AAA, AAA returning to US PPV, Shane McMahon’s Tell-All Podcast, a possible Global Women’s Tournament and more.

Sean gives a short recap of SmackDown and then we mosey along to NXT as well, then ee discuss Lucha Underground too.

After that, we preview ROH and NJPW’s Global Wars show

Next, is our review of Wrestling Dontaku 2016

We finish things out with TNA Impact Wrestling, the W2M Power Rankings for this week, and Superstar and Match of the Month for April 2016 as well.

------------ Time Stamps ----------

(9:10-1:00:25) Wrestling News: RyBack's Tumblr Post and what he says about the WWE Payscale, Cameron's post about Cyber Bullying, Flamita (Octagon Jr.) leaving AAA, a Global Women's Tournament and more.

(1:00:25-1:09:20) WWE SmackDown
(1:09:20-1:22:31) WWE NXT
(1:22:31-1:33:40) Lucha Underground

(1:33:40-1:48:14) ROH & NJPW Global Wars PPV Preview

(1:48:14-2:25:20) NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016 Review

(2:25:20-2:40:45) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:40:45-End) W2M Power Rankings, Wrestler and Match of the Month for April 2016


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 193 Pt 1: Ryback Contract Issues & Do Casual Wrestling Fans Matter?

Well, it has been a couple of days since WWE Payback 2016 and not a whole lot has happened. At least we do have a post-PPV RAW to cover and an update on when we could see Enzo Amore back on WWE TV as well.

We also have an interesting article, which has created a topic for us, discussing if TV ratings and casual fans really matter so much in the short-term or the long-term for WWE. Do the ratings truly affect WWE’s thoughts as much as they used to? If they do, should they? Is WWE preparing for

life without USA Network with the WWE Network? We discuss these questions and more.

So, we start things with the last offering from WWE’s RAW

We discuss a few things going on in the wrestling news in Quick Hits concerning a contract dispute for RyBack, Enzo’s impact test, and a few other notes.

We finish things out with our topic about Casual Wrestling Fans and Ratings.

------------ Time Stamps ------------

(6:15-43:15) WWE RAW
(43:15-59:35) Chat with fan that was at RAW Live & Final Rating

(59:35-1:09:19) Wrestling News: RyBack Contract Dispute, Enzo Amore Update

(1:09:19-End) Special Topic: (Using an article written by Barry Hess over at Voices of Wrestling, which you can read here: We discuss if the casual fans importance has diminished and along with it television ratings as well.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Special # 20: WWE Payback 2016 Review

Another WWE PPV is in the books and now it is time for us to gather around and talk about what happened.

We are joined by the guys from Wrestling Unwrapped, Patrick Ketza and Harry Broadhurst, as per usual to breakdown and discuss everything in our WWE Payback 2016 Review.

What did we think of the show itself, the matches, the big decision about RAW, the latest on Enzo Amore, and more is discussed here. Not to mention, our final rating for the show as well.

We finish things out with some

banter about the first episode of Camp WWE too.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 191 Pt. 1: WWE RAW in London, TNA’s Dire Financial Situation, Japan Earthquakes, & More.

What? A regular W2M episode on Monday night? Yes, you are reading that right. After much discussion amongst the loyal listeners, ourselves, and just the changing landscape in wrestling podcasts in general, we’ve decided to go to two shows a week. So, expect a new episode every Tuesday and Friday morning going forward.

Welcome to the new Tuesday morning edition of W2M, where we go in-depth on RAW, (which this week emanated from London, England,) discussing the big topics to come out of the

show, go through what stood out, what was a little lame, and of course we round it all out with a final rating for the show as well.

We have a special topic on the biggest news over the weekend, which is the ever evolving story about TNA. Will TNA be sold within the next couple of months? Can new investors really save the company at this point? Do they need to re-brand? What could they really do to stand out in today’s world of wrestling? What does it say about TNA that Panda Energy apparently separated itself from TNA up to five years ago. We try to answer as many of these questions as we can.

Finally, we go into the wrestling news that’s happened over the weekend in “Quick Hits,” where we discuss New Japan cancelling Wrestling Hinokuni (4/29) because of the Earthquakes in Kumamoto and what Gedo could do to still have that show somewhere else. There’s also the Adam Rose and Konnor wellness suspensions, WWE announces the first set of Global Cruiserweight Series matches, Total Bellas being real, the announcement of the first Global Cruiserweight Series matches and more on what was a news heavy couple of days.

If you enjoyed the show, subscribe via I-Tunes, Stitcher, Tune-In, Youtube (Via the W2M Network Channel) or wherever podcasts are available. Be sure to leave us a rating and a review as well.

You can always send us any feedback or listener questions via email or via voicemail by calling us at (972)-591-8620. You can always try listening to us LIVE at Midnight ET on Monday nights or Thursday nights via the Spreaker website.

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----------- Time Stamps ------------

(7:55-1:10:45) WWE RAW Breakdown

(1:10:45-1:24:35) Special Topic: TNA Financial Issues and who are the investors.

(1:24:35-End) Wrestling News: First matches announced for GCS, Total Bellas, Wrestling Hinokuni cancelled, Wellness Violations, and more.


Wrestling Unwrapped Episode 11: WWE Wrestlemania 32

Sometimes, being at a show can give you a whole new perspective of a show. And sometimes, you can still see faults of a show even watching it unfold before your very eyes...

This week's show is going to be a little bit different, as WU talks about Wrestlemania 32, from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Featuring a main event that, just, yikes. And a confusing Hell in a Cell with control of a company on the line for one man versus a Wrestlemania career on the line for the other man, as

the Undertaker faces Shane McMahon, and a game changing match for the WWE Women's Championship as Charlotte faces Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch for the newly crowned title.

And, of course, there's our best and worst matches and our cash and trash. What moment left us cheering in the streets in Dallas, and what left us booing Roman Reigns?

All of that and more on this special edition of WU

--------------- Time Stamps ------------

(5:00-12:00) WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results

(12:00-2:05:00) WWE Wrestlemania 32 Review (Including Pre-Show Matches)

(2:05:00-2:26:50) Cash & Trash, Best & Worst Match

(2:26:50-End) Final Rating & Plugs


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 190: NXT Call-ups to WWE, Balls Mahoney Passes, & More

This week on W2M, we have a special topic on the impact of new guys from NXT will have on the main roster and how far we think each of them can go now

that they are in the big leagues.

Of course, we start things by discussing the wrestling news in “Quick Hits,” where we talk about the sad passing of Balls Mahoney, more on the situation between Ricochet, Lucha Underground, and him potentially going to WWE, King Cuerno wanting to go to WWE, TNA losing their immediate replay of Impact Wrestling and more.

We move on to answer our questions about WWE RAW and after that, is where we have our special topic about the NXT Call-ups to WWE. Then we look this week's NXT as well.

Finally, we talk about two episodes of Lucha Underground, we discuss Impact on POP TV, we go on to ROH TV and end on our W2M Power Rankings (yes, we are actually ranking them this year.) We also have our Match and Wrestler of the Month for March 2016 on this episode too.

--------- Time Stamps -----------

(10:15-47:50) Wrestling News: The passing of Balls Mahoney, more on Ricochet possibly going to WWE, TNA losing their replay, Total Bellas, WWE Network demographics and more.

(47:50-1:38:22) WWE RAW

(1:38:22-1:45:43) Special Topic: How the NXT Call-ups to WWE will fair, how far can they go on the main roster? Who's going to be lost in the shuffle?

(1:45:43-2:06:45) WWE NXT
(2:06:45-2:23:10) Lucha Underground
(2:23:10-2:36:10) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:36:10-2:44:00) Ring of Honor
(2:44:00-End) Superstar of the Week, plus Match and Wrestler of the Month for March 2016.