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Wrestling 2 the MAX EXTRA: WWE Mock Draft

We were rather fortunate with this W2M EXTRA, as literally hours before we were set to do our WWE Mock Draft, WWE released the official rules for the draft. Of course, the WWE Draft takes place on the first live Smackdown on Tuesday night.

So, we take our shot at trying to predict what’s going to happen with this WWE Mock Draft. Paul makes his return after his one week trip to reunite the W2M trio. However, to sort of mimic the commissioner and general manager scenario proposed on last week’s

WWE RAW, we’ve added a fourth person for this episode. Sean and Gary’s co-host on the Football 2 the MAX podcast Randy Isbelle.

How will the real WWE Draft rules affect this WWE Mock Draft? Will anyone decide to split tag teams? Who will be the six drafted from NXT? We try to figure it all out. Gary and Paul pick for RAW, (including the extra picks,) and Sean and Randy pick for Smackdown. If anything, this promises to be a fun special episode.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 203: Cruiserweight Classic Predictions, WWE RAW, Brock Lesnar

We make Cruiserweight Classic Predictions, discuss the ins and outs of WWE RAW, and talk about Brock Lesnar’s big win at UFC 200 over Mark Hunt.

Paul is on a one week vacation, so Gary and Sean are joined by the "fourth co-host" Chris Lemchi. The guys discuss RAW and the evident McMahon Authority figure problem. Why having double the amount of authority figures is not good and how it really doesn’t promote change either. WWE also still hasn’t given much in the way of specifics for

the WWE Draft and that’s also a concern.

Then we get into the wrestling news in “Quick Hits,” where we talk about the UFC $4 Billion sale affecting WWE. TNA sale rumors have popped up again this week. Moose could also be very close to heading to TNA as well. The final lineup for PWG’s BOLA 2016 is out. WWE even has some new WWE Network shows they have asked about too.

Next, we get into those Cruiserweight Classic Predictions.

Finally, we end things with a look at Ring of Honor’s television show.

Don’t forget to join us on the Friday morning Part 2 show, as Tom Reese joins the guys to give a full NJPW G1 Climax 26 Preview. We also have the big Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor showdown on NXT. Not to mention, the second hour of Ultima Lucha Dos, the Destination X TNA show, and more.

--------------- Time Stamps ------------

(10:00-1:08:43) WWE RAW

(1:08:43-1:35:10) Wrestling News: TNA sale rumors again, The whole BOLA 2016 lineup is out, UFC Sale affecting WWE, Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, WWE Network shows.

(1:35:10-1:48:00) Cruiserweight Classic Predictions

(1:48:00-End) Ring of Honor TV


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 202 Pt 1: WWE RAW, NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review, More

On this episode of W2M, we look at the final New Japan Pro-Wrestling show before the G1 Climax 26. So, there’s a NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review to do.

Harry Broadhurst also joins us to discuss WWE RAW. This is why the conversation lasts a bit longer than usual for that segment as well.

After that, we get into the wrestling news in “Quick Hits.” we talk about Brock Lesnar’s potential Summerslam opponent. Tajiri could be returning to WWE TV after the Cruiserweight Classic. Roderick Strong is

back in Evolve. There are more participants added to PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles 2016 and more.

Finally, we get into that NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review to finish things out.

----------------- Time Stamps --------------

(8:00-1:21:55) WWE RAW

(1:21:55-1:41:55) Wrestling News: Brock Lesnar's Summerslam opponent, Tajiri staying with WWE, Roderick Strong returning to EVOLVE, the next four in PWG BOLA and more.

(1:41:55-End) NJPW Kizuna Road 2016 Review


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 201 Pt 2: Ricochet going to WWE, NJPW G1 Climax 26 Match Card Breakdowns, PWG BOLA

On this episode of W2M, we discuss some hiring decisions WWE could be making soon. Big reports coming out this week that Ricochet going to WWE is a very big possibility. We also talk about what could have caused Moose to fall out of favor with the company. As the WWE Draft and the brand extension get closer, more moves could be coming and we try to keep you up to date with the latest.

On our Tuesday show, we discussed the NJPW G1 Climax 26 Blocks being announced, but now the full G1 match

cards have been released as well. We go through and pick out some of the matches we are most excited about, and what G1 nights that will shine after the tournament ends.

We have even more with the wrestling news in “Quick Hits.” WWE could be looking at Mascara Dorada, the first 16 entrants in the 2016 PWG Battle of Los Angeles, Stardom World website starts up, Michael Elgin winning a tournament, WWE wanting separate everything on the brand split and more.

Next, we discuss the things happening in NXT, including the return of Hideo Itami at a live event. Then, we get into the final Lucha Underground show before Ultima Lucha Dos.

After that, it is all about TNA Impact Wrestling. Finally, we get into our W2M Power Rankings, plus we have our Match and Wrestler of the Month for June 2016 too.

---------------------- Time Stamps ------------------

(10:00-57:20) Wrestling News: Ricochet going to WWE, Stardom World starts up, first 16 announced for BOLA, WWE holding off on Moose, WWE interested in Mascara Dorada and more.

(57:20-1:17:45) WWE NXT
(1:17:45-1:29:19) Lucha Underground

(1:29:19-1:47:50) NJPW G1 Climax 26 Full Match Card Breakdown

(1:47:50-2:03:20) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:03:20-End) Superstar of the Week and Wrestler and Match of the Month for June 2016


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 199 Pt 2: WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Preview, NJPW Dominion 2016 Preview, More

On this W2M episode, there are two big shows happening on Sunday, (which is also Father’s Day,) and we do predictions for both. Of course, I’m talking about a WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Preview and a NJPW Dominion 2016 Preview.

We start things with Wrestling News in “Quick Hits” talking the big deal signed by WWE for RAW, Smackdown, and PPV’s to air in China, along with their first ever talent signing from China. The possibility of WWE Network going up in price, Big Damo and Noam Dar signing

with NXT, more on what’s going on with TNA and their crisis with money and more.

We do our WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Preview, then discuss NXT and Lucha Underground.

Next, is our NJPW Dominion 2016 Preview and we end things with TNA Impact Wrestling and our W2M Power Rankings.

----------- Time Stamps ---------

(7:00-46:20) Wrestling News: the WWE in China news, a possible price rise for the WWE Network, Big Damo and Noam Dar signing with WWE, TNA crisis, Eita in Super J Cup and more.

(46:20-1:10:10) WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Preview
(1:10:10-1:27:37) WWE NXT
(1:27:37-1:35:40) Lucha Underground

(1:35:40-1:51:00) NJPW Dominion 2016 Preview

(1:51:00-2:08:10) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:08:10-End) Superstar of the Week


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 196 Pt 2: Smackdown going live, brand split returning, & NJPW BOSJ

On this episode of W2M, we dive in and discuss everything that is out there about Smackdown going live on July 19 and the brand extension. What does this mean for WWE? The USA Network? NXT? And even the wrestling world in general? We discuss the pros and cons of having a brand extension again and if going live is really going to make Smackdown feel special. What does WWE need to make it work this time? The answer might either be rather obvious or it might surprise you.

We also get into how

WWE could split the rosters, if there is going to be an intention to create two shows with different identities, or if it will be more of the same with exclusive rosters. Will five hours in two nights be too much for the casual WWE audience? There’s just so much to get into here that we waste no time getting into it.

There’s also some other wrestling news like Eden leaves WWE, the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup being set, CMLL bringing back the World Grand Prix, the latest on some WWE injuries, and more.

Sean recaps Smackdown, we have our discussions on NXT and Lucha Underground too.

The guys talk about the latest results from NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Tournament

Then they finish it out with TNA Impact Wrestling and the W2M Power Rankings as well.

--------- Time Stamps ----------

(2:00-1:00:00) WWE Smackdown goes Live and Brand Extension Returns Discussion

(1:00:00-1:12:15) Wrestling News: Eden asks for release, AAA Lucha Libre World Cup set, Sasha Banks cleared, CMLL World Grand Prix, & More

(1:12:15-1:31:00) WWE NXT
(1:31:00-1:43:00) WWE Smackdown
(1:43:00-1:53:00) Lucha Underground
(1:53:00-2:10:40) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:10:40-2:18:10) NJPW BOSJ Nights 4 & 5
(2:18:10-End) Superstar of the Week


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 192 Pt. 1: Go-Home RAW to WWE Payback, Finn Balor Mind Games, NJPW House Show Reviews

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of W2M, where we examine the go-home edition of RAW. How did we like Stephanie McMahon’s return? Will the future of RAW really be decided at PayBack? Did the show make us interested in the PPV happening on Sunday? We discuss all of these things and of course have our final rating as well.

We also move into “Quick Hits” covering news from over the weekend. We talk about Finn Balor toying with the minds of the fans, Velvet Sky leaves TNA again, TNA will have a PPV

and it’s Slammiversary, EDGE and Christian Show may not go past Season 1, WWE Films snags Wesley Snipes, and a few other things.

We finish out looking at the two New Japan Road To Wrestling Dontaku shows from Saturday and Sunday too.

------------ Time Stamps ----------

(5:30-51:10) WWE RAW

(51:10-1:17:27) Wrestling News: Finn Balor will he or won't he go to the main roster after WWE PayBack, Velvet Sky leaves TNA, TNA has PPV again, WWE Films snags Wesley Snipes and more.

(1:17:27-End) New Japan Pro-Wrestling Road to Wrestling Dontaku 4.23 & 4.24 Thoughts

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Wrestling Unwrapped Episode 7: WWE Wrestlemania 30

As our brave adventurers continue their travels, once again, something seems off. "I thought we were starting at Wrestlemania 1" Harry says. "I thought we were, too. Why are we approaching Wrestlemania 30?" Turns out, their map is upside down. Oh well, best laid plans...

We begin our Month of Mania Reviews with a slight detour. We had asked the fans to pick their favorite Wrestlemania that we weren't already viewing, and ended up with an interesting answer. On the

heels of the great Daniel Bryan's emotional answer, our fan vote was won by the Wrestlemania featuring his finest moment, Wrestlemania 30.

Featuring Daniel Bryan facing HHH in the OPENER to decide the third man in the Main Event Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, that also has Randy Orton and Batista, and the most important Streak Match of all time as The Undertaker takes on Brock Lesnar, this was a night that many will never forget.

And, of course, join us as we cover our best and worst match of the show, and the Cash and Trash of the show. What will we find to be strolling the Big Easy late into the night? And what will only be stuck with the hangover?

An event 30 years in the making, from the Silv...I mean Superdome in New Orleans, join us as we review Wrestlemania 30.

------- Time Stamps ---------

(10:15-19:25) Results of Wrestlemania 30
(19:25-1:20:25) Pre-Show Match - Cena vs. Wyatt
(1:20:25-1:33:55) Discussion: 2014 WWE HOF
(1:33:55-2:05:30) Taker vs. Brock - Main Event
(2:05:30-2:13:00) Best & Worst Match
(2:13:00-2:20:10) Cash & Trash
(2:20:10-End) Final Rating


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 179: WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Preview, Wrestling Observer Awards, & More

This week on W2M, we headline with our WWE Royal Rumble Preview, discussing our thoughts on all of the title matches and of course the Royal Rumble Match. Who could win? Who are some of the dark horses? Will AJ Styles appear? We discuss all of that and more.

We also give our thoughts on all of the Wrestling Observer Award winners and losers as well.

Of course, we start things by discussing the wrestling news in “Quick Hits,” Jim Ross is returning to announcing, Sunny signing a deal for

another kind of feature film, Lucha Underground being on Sportscenter, the WWE Hall of Fame list being leaked, Austin Aries signing with WWE, Tough Enough Josh social media issues and more.

We move on to answer our questions about WWE RAW, and then we do our WWE Royal Rumble Preview and finally move onto this week’s NXT too.

We take some time out to discuss some of the Wrestling Observer Award Winners, including AJ Styles winning the Flair/Thesz and Most Outstanding.

Then we finish out with a look at this week’s ROH TV, we discuss Impact on POP TV, and our W2M Power Rankings (yes, we are actually ranking them this year.)

-------- Time Stamps ----------

(9:15-41:15) Wrestling News

(41:15-1:08:30) WWE RAW

(1:08:30-1:34:30) WWE Royal Rumble Preview

(1:34:30-1:46:45) WWE NXT

(1:46:45-1:58:30) Wrestling Observer Awards

(1:58:30-2:09:20) ROH, (2:09:20-2:25:00) TNA, Superstar of the Week (2:25:00-End)


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 178: WWE Royal Rumble Match Winner, Shinsuke Nakamura and the IWGP IC Title, & More

This week on W2M, we discuss the leading candidates for the WWE Royal Rumble, who could realistically win, who could be some dark horses, and who’s definitely not winning as well. Is HHH vs. Roman Reigns the right main event for Wrestlemania 32, We also continue with what seems to be a never ending story of Shinsuke Nakamura. Could he appear at Wrestlemania 32? Will he fit well into the WWE system? And is it good or bad that New Japan stripped him of the Intercontinental Title. Does it hurt

Kenny Omega that they didn’t let him get the win on Nakamura?

Of course, we start things by discussing the wrestling news in “Quick Hits,” Rocky Romero, Bad Luck Fale re-sign with NJPW, Paige injured, Sister Abigail possibly being real, Sunny selling her Hall of Fame ring, Vince not liking Tyler Breeze, Sting in the WWE Hall of Fame and a whole lot more.

We move on to answer our questions about WWE RAW, Sean also interweaves his thoughts about this week's WWE SmackDown in there too. Since NXT finally returned this week, we get to talk about that as well.

Then we finish out with a look at this week’s ROH TV, we discuss Impact on POP TV, and our W2M Power Rankings (yes, we are actually ranking them this year.)

(8:54-24:35) Discuss Shinsuke Nakamura being stripped of the IWGP IC Belt, coming to WWE, and Bad Luck Fale and Rocky Romero re-signing with NJPW. (24:35-59:20) The rest of the wrestling news

(59:20-1:31:30) WWE RAW, (1:31:30-1:43:35) Royal Rumble Winners, Surprises, and WM 32

(1:43:35-2:08:00) WWE NXT, (2:08:00-2:16:00) ROH, (2:16:00-2:31:45) TNA Impact Wrestling

Superstar of the Week (2:31:45-End)

Our Question of the Week: Who wins the WWE Royal Rumble? (Only choose one person)

(you can respond to the Question of the Week on the W2M Facebook Group, the W2M Twitter by tweeting @wrestling2max, sending an email:, or even leaving a voicemail at (972)-591-8620