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Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 193 Pt 2: ROH & NJPW Global Wars Preview, Ryback’s WWE Payscale Problems & More

On this episode of W2M, we breakdown and cover everything that happened on this year’s version of New Japan’s wrestling vacation in our NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016 Review.

We also discuss two hot button issues with RyBack’s Tumblr post about WWE’s pay scale and how it should be changed to a more equal system. Should WWE change their system to something more modern? Or is the old way with incentives the way to go? Will RyBack re-sign with WWE in the end?

There’s also the Cameron instagram

post about celebrities and cyber bullying. Does Cameron have a point here? Or does her being a public figure cause her to be excluded from this? Does she deserve all the hate she gets? We discuss all of this plus even more news.

Ring of Honor also has a big PPV with New Japan called Global Wars happening on Sunday and we have a Preview of that as well.

We of course begin things with Quick Hits, where we discuss the Ryback news, Cameron’s post, Octagon Jr. quitting AAA, AAA returning to US PPV, Shane McMahon’s Tell-All Podcast, a possible Global Women’s Tournament and more.

Sean gives a short recap of SmackDown and then we mosey along to NXT as well, then ee discuss Lucha Underground too.

After that, we preview ROH and NJPW’s Global Wars show

Next, is our review of Wrestling Dontaku 2016

We finish things out with TNA Impact Wrestling, the W2M Power Rankings for this week, and Superstar and Match of the Month for April 2016 as well.

------------ Time Stamps ----------

(9:10-1:00:25) Wrestling News: RyBack's Tumblr Post and what he says about the WWE Payscale, Cameron's post about Cyber Bullying, Flamita (Octagon Jr.) leaving AAA, a Global Women's Tournament and more.

(1:00:25-1:09:20) WWE SmackDown
(1:09:20-1:22:31) WWE NXT
(1:22:31-1:33:40) Lucha Underground

(1:33:40-1:48:14) ROH & NJPW Global Wars PPV Preview

(1:48:14-2:25:20) NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016 Review

(2:25:20-2:40:45) TNA Impact Wrestling
(2:40:45-End) W2M Power Rankings, Wrestler and Match of the Month for April 2016