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Wrestling 2 the MAX EXTRA # 27: WWE Roadblock Review & NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Cup Review

On this W2M EXTRA, we focus on three big things, a WWE Roadblock Review, the Road to Wrestlemania, and a NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Finals Review as well.

We begin by going over what happened at WWE Roadblock. We give our thoughts on the glorified house show from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Are people trying to make more out of this show than they should have? Does WWE have to make these shows mean more? Or are they fine just how they are?

We look at the build to Wrestlemania and if anything

could be changed before we get to the “show of shows.”

Finally, we discuss what happened on Sunday morning at the New Japan Cup 2016 Finals. What did we think of the show? Did the right person win the NJ Cup? Are we excited for Invasion Attack? What do we think about the outlook of New Japan going forward? We try to answer all of this and more.

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(1:00-58:15) WWE Roadblock Review

(58:15-End) NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Finals Review


Wrestling 2 the MAX EXTRA # 26 NJPW New Japan Cup 2016 Nights 1 & 2, Stan Hansen to WWE HOF, & More

We meant to do this a day earlier, but real life gets the better of you sometimes. On this W2M EXTRA, Sean, Paul, and Tom Reese discuss the big announcements made by New Japan involving the Super J Cup, Shibata signing, Lion's Gate Project tryouts.

The main attraction is us going through the first two nights of the New Japan Cup 2016. Did we like who moved on? Who has the best chance to win? We make a case for each person left? Even though Tetsuya Naito probably gave it away in an

interview he did.

We also talk about the passing of Hayabusa, what he meant to wrestling, Stan Hansen going into the WWE HOF, and more.