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Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 13): NFL Week 12 Preview! Plus Nik Breaks Down the Dallas Cowboys Skid

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 12 matchups. He also compares the slumping Chiefs and Bills, discusses Minnesota’s “QB controversy,” and talks about what he likes to call “FitzMagic.” Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 11): NFL Week 10 Preview! Plus an In-Depth Look at if the Rams can Actually Win the NFC West

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 10 matchups. He also breaks down the NFC North race, ponders why Denver even gave Brock Osweiler a shot against the Eagles, and discusses Houston’s newfound QB problem. Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Any Given Monday NFL Podcast - Episode 15: FOOTBALL IS BACK (Week 1 Review)

The boys are back with their first episode of Any Given Monday for the 2018 NFL season! In this episode Nads and Dunc review all the big news from week 1 of the NFL season, discussing Kareem Hunt’s monster game, Beast Mode’s return to the gridiron, Carson Wentz’s step to the next level and a whole lot more, covering EVERY SINGLE GAME that happened in week 1!

The Slam Dunc for this week is one not to be missed. After all, you know it’s a goodie when Dunc is roasting his own Colts franchise!

A new segment to the show is presented this week, where Nads and Dunc provide their ‘picks’ for next week.

Our final QB rankings are not apart of this week’s show, we will provide a special edition podcast specifically for those final rankings in the near future.

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Dunc on Twitter - @DSoang

Check out some of the music that features in our Podcast! Thanks to the wonderful people over at NoCopyrightSounds for their amazing work. In this episode, you heard:

Frontier (feat. Jasmina Lin & Jay Christopher) by Krale 
Northern Lights by Blazars
Safe and Sound by Different Heaven
Firefly by Jim Yosef
Fall to Light by Laszlo
Blank by Disfigure

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Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 2): Time for NFL Week One! Plus a Quick Look at Pats-Chiefs

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 1 matchups. He also breaks down the Pats-Chiefs game, with our first "Overreaction of the Week." Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Crossing the Line Podcast Episode 29 – NFL Recap, Real Talk regarding resting NBA players, #NotOverlyComplicated, and much more

#CrossingTheLine is back with Jesse Rosales (@5280Jesse) and Keith Richards (@5280Keith) as they discuss the NFL action over the weekend.  The guys discuss what the Broncos need to do to get into the NFL playoffs as well as having some #RealTalk regarding resting players in the NBA. Recaps on the NBA and NHL, plus #NotOverlyComplicated regarding Draymond Green, Tom Brady, and Cam Newton,and... #QuickFireQuestions!

Football 2 the MAX: AFC West Division 2016 Preview

Well, here we go, the previews have started on the Football 2 the MAX podcast. We start things off with an AFC West Division 2016 Preview.

we are not doing these alone though. San Diego Chargers Season Ticket holder Rachelle Carpenter joins us to talk everything about the Bolts. Then a slew of Last Word on Sports writers cover the rest of the teams. Jarrett Middleton for the Kansas City Chiefs. Ryan Smith for the Oakland Raiders. Scott Brouillard speaks for the Super Bowl champion Denver


The guests give their thoughts on each of the team's rosters, their draft, and the outlook for this upcoming season. Everyone gives their final standings for the division, including division winners and best case and worst case scenarios for the teams as well.

So, don't miss out on this AFC West Division 2016 Preview.

We would like to thank everyone for helping us out and make sure to check us out each Friday for coverage of another NFL division.

------------- Time Stamps ------------

AFC West Division 2016 Preview

(12:00-50:20) San Diego Chargers (includes interview and host analysis)

(50:20-1:08:40) Kansas City Chiefs (includes interview and host analysis)

(1:08:40-1:32:45) Oakland Raiders (includes interview and host analysis)

(1:32:45-End) Denver Broncos (includes interview and host analysis)


Football 2 the MAX: Zach Mettenberger Released & burning NFL questions

We are starting to hit that lull in the off-season, where not a whole lot is really happening. There is some news to talk about though and we cover as much as we can of it.

Zach Mettenberger has been released by the Titans, we discuss if he has any potential landing spots, there’s some injury news, as Shaq Lawson has to have shoulder surgery and may not be ready to start the season, Sammy Watkins also has a broken bone in his foot as well. The Atlanta Falcons made some waves with their

possibly cheaply priced concessions, Jason Jones signs with the Dolphins and Anquan Boldin could go to the Titans.

We also keep things going with our burning questions on some NFL teams. What questions do we ask? Tune in to find out.


Football 2 the MAX: Chiefs lose tampering case, Brian Hoyer Released, & Off-Season Analysis: Cardinals & Rams

Off-Season workouts have officially started for teams around the league and after the blockbuster that was the previous week, things have quieted down as the draft is still a little more than a week away at this point.

That being said, we still have some of our Off-Season Series to mull through, as Jorge Linares talks Arizona Cardinals with us and Andrew Kulick goes totally in-depth on the L.A. Rams as well.

We also talk about the news that’s come out since Tuesday, the NFL had their $1

Billion concussion settlement upheld in court, the Houston Texans released Brian Hoyer, Trent Richardson signs with the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs lost the anti-tampering case, and a few other things are on the docket too.

----------- Time Stamps -----------

(4:00-25:45) NFL News: Kansas City Chiefs lose on Jeremy Maclin tampering case, NFL $1 Billion concussion settlement upheld, Brian Hoyer released, Trent Richardson signs with the Ravens and more.

(25:45-1:00:32 Includes Interview) Arizona Cardinals

(1:00:32-End Includes Interview) Los Angeles Rams


Football 2 Futbol: 2016 NFL Offseason Analysis: Kansas City Chiefs & San Diego Chargers

We end our look at the AFC West by continuing our 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis, going team-by-team looking at their team needs, who they should re-sign, and giving a short recap of their 2015 season.

Thankfully, we are not alone and have enlisted a little help from some friends. Last Word on Sports Writer and Kansas City Chiefs fan Jarrett Middleton and San Diego Chargers season ticket holder since 1978, Rachelle Carpenter, give us the lowdown on their teams.

We also look at some of the

cuts that have already happened, players that have retired, and some potential moves that could be made by the time we see you again on Tuesday morning.

------ Time Stamps -----

(3:00-24:00) NFL News Players who could be cut or Franchised Tagged

(24:00-42:15) Kansas City Chiefs Interview

(42:15-End) San Diego Chargers interview and discuss Chiefs and Chargers team needs