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Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 9 Preview, Browns vs. Bengals Post-Game, & More

We kick things off today by doing a short post-game for the Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals Thursday Night Football game (3:15-9:00.) We go through what led to the loss for the Browns and the win for the Bengals, plus we also discuss how many more weeks the Bengals stay undefeated as well and if the Browns just need to keep Johnny Manziel as their Quarterback.

Then we move into the main part of the show with our NFL Week 9 Preview (9 mins-1 hour and 2 mins,) where we discuss more of

the Detroit Lions woes after they fire more people. Then we go through all the games happening this week, discuss questions about each team, play games, and also have Fantasy Football related questions about the matchups as well.

We finish it out with Randy leading us through some of the big games happening in College Football Week 10 as well. (1 hour and 2 mins- End)


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 8 Recap, Colts vs. Panthers MNF Post-Game, & College Football Week 9

Sorry for not having a Week 7 Preview Podcast, Sean had a major internet outage that made it impossible to do the show. But no worries, we are here to breakdown and discuss everything that occurred in Week 8 of the 2015 NFL Season.

We begin by going over and discussing some of the major points that occurred in the over-time thriller between the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football (4:00-9:00.) Are the Carolina Panthers the premier team in the NFC after this

win? And are there more positives than negatives for the Colts after the loss? We discuss this and more.

After that, we get into our full NFL Week 8 Recap (9:00-86:20 or 9:00- 1 hour and 26 mins) by going through every game, discussing questions about each team that played, who looks good, who looks bad, and we also delve into the Vernon Davis trade to the Broncos, the benching of Colin Kapernick, what do the Detroit Lions do and more.

Randy takes everyone through the highlights of College Football Week 9, including the three of us talking at length about the crazy play at the end of the Miami vs. Duke game and the decision to suspend all of those referees. (86:20-95:40 or 1 hour and 26 mins- 1 hour and 35 mins)

Finally, we transition things back to the NFL, for Gary's Top 5 Fantasy Football Pickups (95:40-98:55 or 1 hour and 35 mins- 1 hour and 38 mins,) the Top 5 Power Rankings (98:55-End or 1 hour and 38 mins-End) and our Player of the Week.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 6 Recap, NY Giants vs. Eagles MNF Post-Game, & College Football Week 7

Sean, Gary, and Randy start things off breaking down the Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the NY Giants (3:20-16:45) The guys wonder if this was a case of the NY Giants beating themselves, or if the Eagles defense really is that good? Also, could the Eagles have finally figured out how to effectively use DeMarco Murray?

Then get set to hear about every game that occurred over the weekend, in our NFL Week 6 Recap (17:00-102:45 or 17 mins-1 hour and 42 mins,) as questions are asked about every team, there are takeaways from each game, and some fun times mixed in there as well.

Randy takes everyone through the best of College Football Week 7 (102:45-108:20 or 1 hour and 42 mins-1 hour and 48 mins) and then it ends with Gary's Top 5 Fantasy pickups, the Power Rankings, and our Player of the Week (108:20-End or 1 hour and 48 mins-End)


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 6 Preview, Johnny Manziel Trouble, & More

Sorry we are a day later than normal, but we just had some things happen that prevented us from doing the show on our normal night. Because of that, our TNF post-game will be very brief.

We do ask a few questions such as: Were the Saints just ready for that one? Or did the Falcons just have a bad game? And did the Saints save Rob

Ryan's job? We discuss those things and more.

Then we get into our full preview of NFL Week 6, going over every game with questions about each team, playing some Over/Under, Fact or Fiction, and more with the match-ups. We also make predictions for each game as well. We also talk about the Johnny Manziel arrest story in here as well.

Since we are coming out on Saturday morning now, we are basically just going to very quickly go through our College Football picks and that's it.

The show ends with "what to watch this week."


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 5 Recap, Steelers vs. Chargers MNF Post-Game, & College Football Week 6

We start things by talking about the Monday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers.

After this last second win by the Steelers are they feeling confident moving forward? And how crushing of a loss was this for the Chargers at home? We ponder those questions and more.

After that, we go full bore into our NFL Week 5 Recap, as we cover every game, discuss some big questions about each team that played, and who were some of the standout performers of

the weekend, and also which one of the undefeated teams has the biggest possibility of losing in Week 6.

Randy takes us through some of the big games and storylines happening in College Football, including Steve Spurrier retiring, Will Grier being suspend from the Florida Gators, and Steve Sarkisian fired by USC a day after he was put on a leave of absence.

Then we end things with our Top 5 Power Rankings and Player of the Week.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 5 Preview, Colts vs. Texans TNF Talk, & College Football Week 6

Today, we begin discussing some of the big talking points from the Thursday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans.

After another big win without their star QB, can the return of Andrew Luck put the Colts back in the saddle and play big against the Patriots? Does Brian Hoyer deserve to be the permanent starter now? And how much of this loss was on the Houston Defense? We discuss and more.

Then we move onto our NFL Week 5 Preview, where we play games like

fact or fiction, over/under, what's more likely and more? We also give predictions for each game and breakdown the match-ups as well.

Finally, we go through the big games in the College Football schedule and then end things on our "What to Watch this weekend" segment.


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 4 Recap, Lions vs. Seahawks MNF Talk, & College Football Week 5 Recap

We begin today going over what happened in the Monday Night Football game between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks. Was this game more of a failure on the Lions? Or was Seattle's defense just too good and came up with the big plays when necessary? We discuss that, as well as, the big coaching change made by the Dolphins in replacing Joe Philbin with interim coach Dan Campbell.

Then we move things along to our NFL Week 4 Recap, as we go through each game that happened on Sunday

and ask our questions about each team, who performed the best, who performed the worst, and look ahead to some interesting things to look forward to in Week 5.

Randy takes us through the big happenings in College Football Week 5 and we end things with our Top 5 Power Rankings and our MVP of the Week as well.

On a side note, the guys did their first broadcast on Rabble.TV on Sunday morning, as Sean, Gary, and Randy did play-by-play, analysis, and pre and post-game for the NY Jets vs. Dolphins game. You can listen to that here (, and be sure to check that profile for our next game too.