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Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 17): NFL Week 17 Preview! Plus an In-Depth Breakdown of the NFL Playoff Picture

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 17 matchups. He also breaks down why Cam Newton will have to play better if Carolina is going to contend, why the Vikings quarterback controversy might escalate during the playoffs, and takes a look back on the historically bad season of the Cleveland Browns. Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Necessary Roughness Podcast (EP 12): NFL Week 11 Preview! Plus Nik Previews the NFL Thanksgiving Day Matchups

In this episode of the Necessary Roughness Podcast, host Nikolas Donadic dives into the NFL regular season's Week 11 matchups. He also breaks down the Saints running game, discusses the race for the #1 pick, and wonders if Pittsburgh has finally figured it out. Enjoy the show and join us next Saturday afternoon for the following episode!


Any Given Monday NFL Podcast Episode 9 - NFL Tidbits and Draft Preview (Defence)

After a short break, Nads and Dunc are back at it again! Episode 9 brings you an update on the tidbits that have gone on around the NFL of late, including Tony Romo's "retirement", and the Cleveland Browns are potentially not taking Myles Garrett at Number 1? With the Draft getting closer and closer, Dunc dives deep into the Defensive side of the ball, reviewing corners, inside linebackers and inside defensive lineman. And of course, we give you a recap of social media and the one and only Slam Dunc! or is it a Slam Hayden this week?

Be sure to check us out on social media! You can catch us on Twitter @AnyGivenMonPod and on Facebook @AnyGivenMondayPod. You can also catch Nads on Twitter @HBNadolny, and Dunc @DSoang. Be sure to also like, favourite and rate us on iTunes! It helps us grow!

Check out some of the music that features in our Podcast! Thanks to the wonderful people over at NoCopyrightSounds for their amazing work. In this episode, you heard:

Frontier (feat. Jasmina Lin & Jay Christopher) by Krale
Northern Lights by Blazars
Safe and Sound by Different Heaven
Firefly by Jim Yosef
Fall to Light by Laszlo
Blank by Disfigure

Go check out the individual artists and also NoCopyrightSounds on YouTube and on social media and give them a like!


Football 2 the MAX: NFL Week 2 Preview, NY Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Recap

Sean, Gary, and Randy discuss at length the Bills and Jets TNF game. Then they preview and give predictions on the rest of the slate of games for Sunday and Monday to come.


Football 2 the MAX: AFC North 2016 Preview

We continue running through the NFL divisions here on Football 2 the MAX. This episode, is all about the AFC North. Frequent guests and friends of the show, Michael Mitchell and Robert Hagan join us to talk Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens respectively. Fansided Writer Samuel Beckenstein gives us the lowdown on the Cleveland Browns. Then Steve Cook talks Cincinnati Bengals and a few other things as well.

Each person on the panel gives their full standings for the AFC North and overall

records for each team. Then at the end, we do the same and give a final wrap-up on the division too. So, be sure to join us for this AFC North Division 2016 Preview.

--------------------- Time Stamps --------------------

(3:50-22:10 Includes interview and our analysis) Cleveland Browns

(22:10-51:00 Includes interview and our analysis) Baltimore Ravens

(51:00-1:18:35 Includes interview and our analysis) Cincinnati Bengals

(1:18:35-End Includes interview and our analysis) Pittsburgh Steelers


Football 2 the MAX: Tom Brady Appeal, Jalen Ramsey, & Superbowl Draft

We are back once again to talk about what’s going on in the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars got some bad news that Jalen Ramsey has a slight meniscus tear in his right knee and it could be minor or be a major issue, we discuss that, as well as more on a potential move to Las Vegas for the Oakland Raiders, the latest in Tom Brady’s deflategate suspension, fans not liking Aaron Rodgers hard counts, people not being big fans of Sam Bradford, and a few other things.

After this, we go through Round

Robin style and rank the teams 1 to 32 on who has the best chance to win the Super Bowl during the 2016 season. Will the Broncos repeat again? Could the Patriots bounce back? Were the Carolina Panthers a one year wonder? Is it Carson Palmer’s time in Arizona? Where does your team rank? Tune in to find out.

------------- Time Stamps ------------

(6:05-42:48) NFL News: Tom Brady tries to get appeal, Jalen Ramsey surgery, more on Raiders to Las Vegas, players against Sam Bradford and more.

(42:48-End) Our Superbowl Draft: We pick teams going around the horn from 1-32 to determine who has the best chance to make it to the Big Game at the end of the season.


Football 2 the MAX: Eagles and Browns Trade, Josh Norman Franchise Tag Rescinded, & Off-Season Analysis: Entire NFC East

Another week closer to the NFL Draft and another crazy deal happened as well. This time for the number two pick in the draft went to another team. The Eagles and Browns trade now sees the Eagles poised to take one of the Quarterbacks, while the Browns can stock up on picks. It is even possible that the Browns trade down again before it is all said and done.

There’s also the big news of Josh Norman being untendered by the Carolina Panthers and allowed to become an unrestricted free agent. We

discuss where he could land and if this shakes up the draft at all.

Finally, we end our NFL Off-Season Analysis by looking at the entire NFC East in one show. Last Word on Sports Writer Quinton Mayo makes his debut on the podcast talking about the Washington Redskins, Wayne Curtis joins us to talk Dallas Cowboys, Brandon Biskobing returns to blab about the New York Giants, and Anthony Rouh makes another appearance to give his perspective on the big trade and his Philadelphia Eagles.

So, it should be a packed show and we will return on Tuesday morning with our huge 2016 NFL Draft Preview, which also includes our mock draft of the first round as well.

-------------- Time Stamps -------------

(4:00-36:00) NFL News:  Breakdown of Eagles and Browns trade and what it means for the 2016 NFL Draft, Josh Norman loses Franchise Tag, DeMarcus Lawrence possibly to be suspended four games.

(36:00-59:00 Includes Interview) Washington Redskins

(59:00-1:19:00 Includes Interview) Dallas Cowboys

(1:19:00-1:38:00 Includes Interview) New York Giants

(1:38:00-End Includes Interview) Philadelphia Eagles


Football 2 the MAX: RG3 to the Browns, Off-Season Analysis: Packers & Lions, & More

Well, it has finally happened, Robert Griffin III has signed with a NFL team and we will discuss that right here. Will he actually be the starter? Or will the Browns still draft a QB? We try to do our best to figure that one out.

We do continue our NFL Off-Season Analysis series on the NFC North, by having interviews with Last Word on Sports Writer Ryan Timmerman talk Green Bay Packers and Jack Coleman let's us know what's going on with the Detroit Lions.

We also discuss the Nick

Fairley to the Saints, Courtney Upshaw to the Falcons, L.A. Rams being the Hard Knocks team, The Touchback Rule and Automatic Ejection Rule passing, Rueben Randle to the Eagles, Nate Washington to the Patriots and more.

-------------- Time Stamps --------------

(4:37-38:23) NFL News: RG3 to the Browns, Nick Fairley to the Saints, Courtney Upshaw to the Falcons, NFL Rule Changes, and More.

(38:23-1:03:11 Includes Interview) Green Bay Packers

(1:03:11-End Includes Interview) Detroit Lions


Football 2 the MAX: 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis: Cleveland Browns & Cincinnati Bengals

We continue our 2016 NFL Off-Season Analysis series, as we finish out the AFC North by looking at the two teams in Ohio.

Freelance Writer Sam Beckenstein gives us the lowdown on his Cleveland Browns and writer Wyatt Beougher discusses the everything about the Cincinnati Bengals.

We also discuss some more players that have been Franchise tagged and other NFL news.

------- Time Stamps -------

(6:15-26:25) NFL News: Players Franchise Tagged, Sam Bradford price increase, Eagles

shopping DeMarco Murray, Jaelen Strong arrest and more.

(26:25-51:30 Includes Interview) Cleveland Browns

(51:30-End Includes Interview) Cincinnati Bengals


Football 2 Futbol: NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview, the Rams big move, & new coaching hires

We kick things off with a discussion on the move of the Rams back to Los Angeles and we also talk about all the recent coaching hires that have occurred since the last time we did a podcast. Can Hue Jackson really turn the Cleveland Browns around? Will the promotions for the Bucs and Giants really carry them to the next level? What about Chip Kelly in San Francisco? Does this mean Collin Kapernick is a Quarterback in the NFL again? We discuss all of this and more.

Then we finish things

out by doing our NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview. We look at each game, what are the keys for each team, what are some of the big injury concerns? How will they affect the teams? And of course we make predictions for each game as well.

(2:40-14:10) Discussion about Rams moving back to Los Angeles

(14:10-40:30) Talk about each coaching hire made since 1/11/16 and the news about Chris Mortensen

(40:30-End) NFL Divisional Round Preview discussing each game and making predictions.