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Wrestling 2 the MAX EP 208 Pt 1: ROH Death Before Dishonor 2016 Preview, TNA Has a New President, More

On this W2M episode, we give our thoughts and predictions in our ROH Death Before Dishonor 2016 Preview. There’s also some big news coming out of TNA with Billy Corgan becoming the new TNA President, while Dixie Carter moves into a Chairman position. TNA is also creating a new championship that includes three rounds, MMA rules, and even judges. Could this be a revolutionary thing for wrestling? Or do we think this is going to be something that falls flat on its face? Either way, it is nice to

hear TNA is trying something different.

We also get into the wrestling news in “Quick Hits.” Shawn Michaels becoming a NXT coach. Sarah Amato and Adam Pearce moving up to the main roster. Goldberg appearing for 2K at Summerslam. WWE’s big schedule for the WWE Network this week. WWE exploring avenues for more LGBT characters and more.

Next, we discuss the latest Ring of Honor TV.

Finally, we have our ROH Death Before Dishonor 2016 Preview.


Wrestling 2 the MAX EXTRA: WWE Mock Draft

We were rather fortunate with this W2M EXTRA, as literally hours before we were set to do our WWE Mock Draft, WWE released the official rules for the draft. Of course, the WWE Draft takes place on the first live Smackdown on Tuesday night.

So, we take our shot at trying to predict what’s going to happen with this WWE Mock Draft. Paul makes his return after his one week trip to reunite the W2M trio. However, to sort of mimic the commissioner and general manager scenario proposed on last week’s

WWE RAW, we’ve added a fourth person for this episode. Sean and Gary’s co-host on the Football 2 the MAX podcast Randy Isbelle.

How will the real WWE Draft rules affect this WWE Mock Draft? Will anyone decide to split tag teams? Who will be the six drafted from NXT? We try to figure it all out. Gary and Paul pick for RAW, (including the extra picks,) and Sean and Randy pick for Smackdown. If anything, this promises to be a fun special episode.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 197 Pt 2: The NXT Malaise, ROH & CMLL, NJPW BOSJ

On this episode of W2M, we discuss a malaise that may be happening with NXT. Have their shows grown to the point where they don’t really matter? Is it all just a build to the Takeover specials? Should they focus more on stories for more of the undercard? Will NXT be hit big by the upcoming brand split? We discuss these things and more.

We start with “Quick Hits” talking where the AJ vs. John Cena feud is headed, Cody Rhodes wrestling Mike Bennett and Kurt Angle, ROH wanting to work with CMLL,

Goldberg’s future in wrestling, Miami trying to get Wrestlemania again, the correlation between being an ironman and becoming injured, Pro Wrestling NOAH crowns new champions and more.

The guys talk NXT and discuss if there is a NXT malaise happening with the shows in our big topic.

After that, there’s Lucha Underground and TNA Impact Wrestling

Finally, we get into nights 9 & 10 of NJPW BOSJ and then we end it with the W2M Power Rankings, Superstar of the Month and Match of the Month for May 2016.

------------- Time Stamps -------------

(9:30-53:08) Wrestling News: Cena and AJ could be for the second "World Title," Cody Rhodes making his list happen, Goldberg's future in wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH's new champions, Miami trying to get Wrestlemania again, and more.

(53:08-1:12:45) WWE NXT
(1:12:45-1:22:40) NXT show malaise and how NXT could be affected by the brand split

(1:22:40-1:34:49) Lucha Underground
(1:34:49-1:58:35) TNA Impact Wrestling
(1:58:35-2:05:42) NJPW BOSJ Nights 9 & 10
(2:05:42-End) W2M Power Rankings, Superstar of the Month and Match of the Month for May 2016.


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 196 Pt 1: WWE RAW after Extreme Rules, Cody Rhodes Released, & NJPW BOSJ Nights 2 & 3

On this episode of W2M, we discuss the RAW after Extreme Rules, the releases of Adam Rose and Cody Rhodes, the “Shane Tell-All” Podcast, the POP TV executive interview concerning TNA, and we also have our thoughts on what went down during Night Two and Three of NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Tournament as well.

We start out talking about all things WWE RAW, but we do it a little bit differently than we have since we started the two show format.

Then we move on to the wrestling news

in “Quick Hits,” where we discuss the releases of Cody Rhodes and Adam Rose, the POP TV executive interview, Sasha Banks having a concussion, and we have our thoughts on the Shane McMahon Tell-All Podcast.

Finally, we end things by looking at night two and three of the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXIII tournament.

---------- Time Stamps ----------

(5:50-51:45) WWE RAW in the new format

(51:45-1:09:25) Shane "Tell-All" Discussion

(1:09:25-1:40:50) Wrestling News: Cody Rhodes & Adam Rose Released, Ryback trolling, POP TV President positive on TNA, Sasha Banks injury and more.

(1:40:50-End) NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Night 2 & 3 Thoughts


Wrestling 2 the MAX Special # 21: WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review

On our latest W2M Special, we are joined by the guys from Wrestling Unwrapped, Harry Broadhurst and Patrick Ketza, and also Tom Reese to discuss everything about WWE Extreme Rules 2016. We breakdown the matches, what we liked, what we didn’t like, we discuss the decisions and of course we have our final rating for the show as well. So, don’t miss our WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review.

After that, Tom sticks around to help us go through the first night of New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors XXIII

tournament, which includes the great main event between KUSHIDA and Kyle O’ Reilly.

Just F.Y.I. (New Japan posted the tournament matches for BOSJ Night 2 right before we started the podcast, so we will cover Night 2 and 3 together on tomorrow morning’s show, along with RAW, the Cody Rhodes release, and whatever else is going on in wrestling.

-------- Time Stamps -------

(1:00-1:59:30) WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review (This does include time spent with three different callers as we go through the matches. So, that's why this is a bit longer than usual.)

(1:59:30-End) NJPW BOSJ Night 1 Review


Wrestling 2 the MAX Episode 194 Pt. 2: Adam Rose Situation, Bullet Club, WWE Japan Shows, & More

On this episode of W2M, we discuss the situation with Adam Rose and if he could return to wrestling at some point. Should WWE let him comeback? Or this a situation where it hurts the company's image and they can't? We discuss this, plus the story behind why Adam Cole and Adam Page are in the Bullet Club as well.

We start things with the Wrestling News in "Quick Hits" talking about the Adam Rose deal, Bullet Club's formation, WWE's Q1 2016 Financial stuff, the

Andre the Giant biopic, Lucha Underground getting good news, and more.

After that, Sean gives a short recap of WWE SmackDown and then we get into NXT. Then there's Lucha Underground as well.

We discuss some breaking news with the WWE Japan cards being announced and we try to figure out which one of the shows could be the WWE Network special.

Finally, we end things with TNA Impact Wrestling and our W2M Power Rankings for this week.

-------- Time Stamps ---------

(12:00-48:35) Wrestling News: Adam Rose situation, The ROH & NJPW Bullet Club additions, Lucha Underground 100 episodes, More WWE releases, Cruiserweight Classic tapings, and more.

(48:35-1:00:48) WWE SmackDown
(1:00:48-1:18:40) WWE NXT
(1:18:40-1:29:30) Lucha Underground
(1:29:30-1:35:00) WWE Japan House Show Cards Released
(1:35:00-1:54:25) TNA Impact Wrestling
(1:54:25-End) W2M Power Rankings & Plugs